Freibank Bespoke is our in-house original composition service for TV, film, advertising and game scores. The represented writers have extensive experience in these fields and reliably deliver bespoke solutions. In addition to writers based in Germany, we are also happy to put you in touch with similar departments at our UK partners Just Isn't Music (Ninja Tune) and Because Editions in France.


Please contact Coco Kraft oder Fredrik Nedelmann if you are interested.

Because Editions (FR)

Founded in 2005 by former Virgin France and EMI Europe President Emmanuel de Buretel, Because Editions has quickly become the leading independent music publisher in France.

Thanks to a number of prestigious signings including Daft Punk, Vitaa, Amadou & Mariam, Thomas Dutronc and Justice, Because Editions can boast a high quality domestic editorial catalogue which continues to expand each day. The professionalism of its team, rich with more than twenty years of experience, has also enabled a number of groundbreaking synchs.



Hempel & Firmont

Lars Hempel and Michael Firmont are two studied film composers who have been working together under the umbrella of their established film composition brand Hempel&Firmont since 2015. Having entirely different musical backgrounds, Hempel&Firmont cover a great variety of compositional styles – surely one of the major aspects that give the duo their unique edge and already enabled them to successfully realize a bunch of international projects in Los Angeles, Germany, Great Britain and Asia. Thanks to a professional education in audio engineering, Hempel&Firmont consistently deliver excellent quality of production.


Score work includes:

Unter Tannen (2016)


Video games:

The Ballad Singer (2018)



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