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This page offers one minute excerpts from all titles included on the 18 edits of the "for films" series published to date, searchable by artist, release date and genre. For a more detailed search please refer to our music search - or get in touch: Miriam 'Coco' Kraft and Fredrik Nedelmann

Edit. 11
Edit. 11

Listen Artist Title Genre(s)
Blackfish Prelude / Intro Ambient, Electronic
Fink Pretty Little Thing (instrumental) Indie, Acoustic Guitar, Downbeats
Bonobo If You Stayed Over (edit) Downbeats, Electronic, Lounge, Filmmusik
Senor Coconut&His Orchestra El Coco Rallado Electrojazz, Exotica, Lounge
Spank Rock Coke ´n´ Wet HipHopBeats, Dope/Headz
K*Rings Brothers Wahnsinn Dub, Downbeats
Root 70 Nightbeat 1 Electrojazz, Filmmusik, Jazz
Ekkehard Ehlers Die Sorge geht über den Fluss Jazz, Free Jazz, Filmmusik
Low Frequency In Stereo Stargazer Gitarrenpop, Filmmusik, Indie
Patric Catani Bunny Fuzzy Electronic, Electronica, Weird
Soehngen Call m. down (Irwin Leschet Remix) Electronic, Deep House
Bymski Liang Schan Swamp Dub, Electronic
Baba Zula Zaniye Oyun Havasi Dub, Hybrid, Oriental
Burhan Öcal Bogazici (Bosphorus) Oriental, Exotica
Flanger Tiny Tina Electrojazz, Jazz, Electronica
Batterie Du Verre Blues Bottom Electronica, Electrojazz, Experimental
Maximilian Lopp Round the Block Jazz, Funk
Martin Landsky Spy On Summer (Adagio) Electronic, Deep House
Jammin Unit Roses Of Pankow Electronic, Dub
Kargo/Songs Of Marrakesh Drumbata Drums, Oriental, World/Marokko
Power Solo Messerschmidt Rock n Roll, Exotica, Blues
Messer Chups Hexe Chips Exotica, Rock n Roll, Surf
Nova Huta Der Traurige Schwan Electronica, Experimental, Lofi
Stephan Langenberg Son For Rubens Lounge, Jazz
Pete Namlook S-Moll (short edit) Ambient, Chill Out, Filmmusik
Börngräber&Strüver Outscene Ambient, Chill Out, Piano
Zimpala For A Waltz Jazz
Senor Coconur&His Orchestra Mambo Numerique Electrojazz, Latin Lounge
Snax Let you go Indie Rock
Jammin Unit feat Sketch The Ghost Dog Electronic, Blues, Tex-Mex, Hybrid
Kid Congo & Pink Monkey Birds House Of Cards Tex-Mex, Blues
Bonobo Between The Lines (feat. Bajka) Electronic, Blues, Hybrid, Downbeats
Rubin Slow Tough Teeth Blues, SingerSongwriter, Soul
Poppy Lovesick Indie, Lofi, SingerSongwriter
Finn No, I´m not Indietronic, Electropop
Sepiatone Inside The Sun Indie, SingerSongwriter, Filmmusik
Valdez Punk Indie, Lofi, SingerSongwriter
Er France Alles ist gut Gitarrenpop, Indie, Garage
Kira Nie zu Hause Electropop, Indietronic
Patric Catani and Yuko No Sugar For Me Honey Electropop
Einstürzende Neubauten Tagelang weiß Electronic, Experimental, Ritual, Hybrid
Little Annie Strange Love Piano, Jazz, SingerSongwriter, Chanson
Lea Finn Höchstwahrscheinlich / unwahrscheinlich Gitarrenpop, SingerSongwriter


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