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This page offers one minute excerpts from all titles included on the 18 edits of the "for films" series published to date, searchable by artist, release date and genre. For a more detailed search please refer to our music search - or get in touch: Miriam 'Coco' Kraft and Fredrik Nedelmann

Edit. 12
Edit. 12

Listen Artist Title Genre(s)
The Bottrops Warnung - instrumental Rock, Indie Rock
Shuko Night Theme Electronic, Breakbeat
Epo - 555 Tess La Coil Gitarrenpop, Indie
Ben Westbeech So Good Today Soul, Jazz, Breakbeat
ReaLson Street Symphony HipHopBeats, Downbeats
Velour Stereogirl Indie Rock, Gitarrenpop
Khan Hey Lil´ Sister Electronic, Electrorock, Dub, Hybrid
Erlend Ropstad My Third Cup Rock, SingerSongwriter
Sid Le Rock Heart Behave Electronic, Indietronic
Poppy At Night Electropop, Indietronic
Amon Tobin Blood Stone Electronic, Downbeats, Experimental, Filmmusik
Steve Bug Wet Minimal House
Cotton Ferox Phantasmoplasm-Unai Remiks Deep House
Ben Westbeech 14K Dope/Headz, Breakbeat, Electronic
Bikini Machine Shake Breakbeat, Electrorock
Pop Levi Pick Me Up Uppercut (Hollywood Version) Indie Rock, Electrorock
Sign A Little Bit Rock
Mouloud & The Sonic Destruction Pushing Ahead Rock, Indie Rock
Air Jeux Dangereux ( reprise / for films edit) Ambient, Lounge
Amon Tobin Easy Muffin Dope/Headz, Electronic, Filmmusik
K*Rings Brothers Lipstick Lady HipHopBeats, Dope/Headz
Soehngen Ref. Lecktiere (Ruxpin Remix) Dope/Headz, Downbeats, HipHopBeats
Matthias Tanzmann Still Like It Like That Minimal House, Deep House
Ensemble Du Verre Vox Pop Chill Out, Electronica, Jazz
The Cinematic Orchestra Familiar Ground Downbeats, Jazz, Filmmusik
Ivo M. Innocence SingerSongwriter, Soul, R&B
Little Annie Diamonds Made Of Glassine Jazz
Sprungs aus den Wolken Jungbrunnen. 1 Ambient, Dub, Electronic
Baba Zula Cocuk Aski Downbeats, Lounge
Tobias Schößler Für Robert Schumann Piano, classical
Maximilian Lopp Delight Electrojazz, Downbeats
Burnt Friedman Need Is All Your Love Dub, Electrojazz, Downbeats
Caglar Namli La Lune Oriental
Takashi Wada Pilot Fish Ambient, Chill Out, Electronica
Lisa Carbon Rhumba Roland ( (rhumbolento remix by fibla) Ambient, Electronica
Nova Huta Die Reise nach Jeruzalemsko Electronica, Lounge, Lofi, Exotica
Oliver North Boy Choir Adrenaline Electronic, Electronica, Lofi
Patric Catani Traum Ambient, Electronica, Dub


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