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This page offers one minute excerpts from all titles included on the 18 edits of the "for films" series published to date, searchable by artist, release date and genre. For a more detailed search please refer to our music search - or get in touch: Miriam 'Coco' Kraft and Fredrik Nedelmann

Edit. 14
Edit. 14

Listen Artist Title Genre(s)
Pete Namlook Naherholungsgebiet (for films edit) Ambient, Chill Out
Blackfish Delta Downbeats, Chill Out
Atom TM Im Rausch der Gegenwart I Electronic, Electronica, Experimental
Nova Huta Kavalier Electronica, Lofi, Weird
Oleg Kostrow Cyclone On Ceylon Electronica, Lofi, Lounge
Xberg Dhirty6 Cru Dhirty Dancing (instrumental) Electronica, Electronic
Realson Future Is Now 1 Electro/Bass, Electronic
Neeon Sunset Sky Techno, Electro/Bass
Beta Satan Five Way Legend (instrumental) Noise, Rock, Heavy Listening
sheer.K Concrete On Earth Indie Rock, Electrorock
Moser The Arrival Heavy Listening, Electronic, Experimental
Esmerine Why She Swallows Bullets And Stones Filmmusik, classical, Experimental
Robin Foster Blue Lights At Dusk Experimental, Electronic, Indietronic
Luna City Express Rough Neck (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) Minimal House
Minilogue Hitchhiker´s Choice Minimal House, Techno
Adam Marshall Magnum Techno, Minimal House
Steve Bug & Donnacha Costello Still Music Minimal House
Caspa Victoria´s Secret Electronic, Breakbeat, Chill Out
Flanger Crime In The Pale Moonlight (instrumental) Electrojazz, Electronica
Tangolectrón El Morocho Latin, Tango
The Long Lost Amiss (instrumental) Latin, World/South American
Arbeit Matching Mules Latin, Lounge, Jazz
Bøsnervøs Laune der Natur Acoustic Guitar, Latin, Tango
Matteo Capreoli Life Is A Road Acoustic Guitar, Folk
Speech Debelle Spinnin´ (instrumental) Indie, Pop
K-Rings Torquered Love Dope/Headz, Downbeats
Yppah Gumball Machine Weekend Dope/Headz, Electrojazz, Breakbeat
Portugal. The Man People Say (instrumental) Indie, Folk, Pop
Snake & Jet´s Amazing Bullit Band Wicky (instrumental) Blues, Exotica, Garage
Adolar Mariokart vs Kettcar Indie Rock, Punk
Captain Planet Hundertzwanzig Sachen Indie Rock, Punk
Trashmonkeys Leaving Home Indie Rock, Weird
The Vineyards So, We Shout It On The Rooftops Indie, Gitarrenpop
Cloudberry The Modern Soul Indie, Gitarrenpop
Portugal. The Man Do You Indie Rock, SingerSongwriter
Rotor Jambreks Lost That Feeling Gitarrenpop, Indie, Garage
Pop Levi Terrifying Indie Rock, Garage, Weird
Powersolo Coco Garage, Rock n Roll
Fernando Miceli Cachafai Cando Latin
Björn Kleinhenz Stillborn SingerSongwriter, Folk, Country
Tim Bendzko Das letzte Mal Gitarrenpop, SingerSongwriter
Erlend Ropstad Make It Right SingerSongwriter, Piano
Siva Misery Box SingerSongwriter, Pop, Electronic
Ofrin Sam (Mr. Hildenbeutel Remix) Downbeats, Soul
Grasscut Meltwater Dope/Headz, Electronic, Soul


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