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This page offers one minute excerpts from all titles included on the 18 edits of the "for films" series published to date, searchable by artist, release date and genre. For a more detailed search please refer to our music search - or get in touch: Miriam 'Coco' Kraft and Fredrik Nedelmann

Edit. 15
Edit. 15

Listen Artist Title Genre(s)
Jakob Klotz Little Windows Chill Out, Filmmusik
Robert Babicz Morning Kiss Chill Out, Downbeats
Serkan Alkan & Ozgur Yalcin Tema Oriental
Serkan Alkan & Ozgur Yalcin Tema
Nova Huta Handylicht Electronica, Lofi
Darren Fung Rascals At Play classical, Filmmusik, Eastern Europe
Phazm Strange Song Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Experimental, Blues, Country
Bonobo Black Sands Downbeats, Filmmusik, Klezmer, Eastern Europe, Hybrid
Bösnervös Blu De Sou Acoustic Guitar, Folk
The Embassadors Albino Maori Dub Dub, Jazz
Ferriswheel Bois Noir classical, Filmmusik, Jazz
Robin Foster Disco Ouessant Indie Rock
Cloudberry Do The Talking (instrumental) Indie Rock
Diego Connected (instrumental) Indie Rock
Mona Mur & En Esch Visions & Lies (instrumental) Electronic, Electrorock
Shuko Child Support Downbeats, Weird, Electronic
Talking To Turtles Dive Into The White (instrumental) Electronic, Downbeats
Punk´D Royal Kites (instrumental) Hybrid, Indie Rock
Donnacha Costello Leaving Berlin Electronic, House
Federleicht Boogaloo Deep House, Electronic
Tony Amherst Lost Electro/Bass, Electronic
Italoporno The Fall (Original Mix, instrumental) Disco, Italo-Disco
Bikini Machine J´Aime Pas (instrumental) AcidJazz, R&B
Snake & Jet´s Amazing Bullit Band 100 Dollars (instrumental) AcidJazz, Garage, Exotica
Matteo Capreoli Funky Drummer (instrumental) Blues, R&B, AcidJazz
Driver & Driver Curve Discussion Electro/Bass, Electronic
Flying Lotus Parisian Goldfish Dope/Headz, Electronic, Experimental
Atom TM Traumsequenz Electronic, Experimental
Thies Mynther Barbershop Cruise Lofi, Electronica, Lounge
Luna City Express Orange Soft Cake Chill Out, Electronic, Downbeats
Patrice Outro Downbeats, Soul


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