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This page offers one minute excerpts from all titles included on the 18 edits of the "for films" series published to date, searchable by artist, release date and genre. For a more detailed search please refer to our music search - or get in touch: Miriam 'Coco' Kraft and Fredrik Nedelmann

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Edit. 6

Listen Artist Title Genre(s)
Deep Sound Channel No Dope
Khan Say Hello
Flanger Inner Spacesuit
Senor Coconut Wiken
Air Liquide Nach Mitternacht
Cinematic Ochestra And relax
Marlow Trust In Me
Polvorosa Skin and Bones (instrumental)
Dopamin All Hallows
Paranoise Score "Gefährliche Freundin" (strings mix)
Alexander Hacke Stahlmusik Leger
Landegaard H & K song (strings mix)
Wolfram der Spyra Guitar Piece W.O. Name
Burnt Friedman Planquadratschick
Marvin Ayres Bow East
Einstürzende Neubauten Glas 2
Donnaca Costello Rem
Greenman Latinaires
Faust Wir Brauchen Dich (remix)
Mathias Schaffhäuser Hello
Ekkehard Ehlers Auf
Lucky Loop Zambula
Master Musicians Of Jajouka Taksim
Artist Unknown Standing On The Shoulders Of Midgets pt. 2
Oleg Kostrow Todesvision
Sprung Aus Den Wolken Que Pas
Ben Adler Raureif
Helgoland Any French Song Title
Osch Projects Moon Phaser


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The "for films" compilations are and have been an inspiring and ideal source of ideas for setting music to films and advertising work of all kinds. The series is an integral part of Freibank's meanwhile almost 20 years of proactive publishing and marketing strategy.

We also consult and produce premiums for an ever increasing list of brand and event clients.

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