Shiraz Lane in Spain 2017

The Finnish Rock 'n' Roller will be playing six shows around Spain in Spring 2017!

"Hola España! We are stoked to escape the Finnish winter and deliver some raw rock’n’roll energy under the Sun. We guarantee you six shows of pure fun and good vibes, so check out the tour dates and join the party!" Shiraz Lane

Shows are confirmed for:

28th Feburary: Córdoba, Recycle

1st March: Cartagena, Angvs Rock

2nd March: Madrid, Barracudas

3rd March: Miranda De Ebro, Fábrica de Tornillo

4th March: Oviedo, Franel Rock

5th March: Cangas Do Morrazo, Salason



New release: Trentemøller's 'Fixion'

Trentemøller's fourth studio album is out on 16 September.


Following the celebrated 2013 release 'Lost', Anders continues the development of his trademark sound on 'Fixion'. Ranging stylistically from minimalistic Electrotracks to Electropunk, the new work sounds somewhat more organic and songoriented.


As he says himself:"I just love the idea of creating an imaginary world with music. For me, music is fiction. It does not exist seperate from reality. Fiction is irreal reality. Both belong together and are one."(from

'Fixion' is released on In My Room.




'Tschick' Out Now!

Fatih Akim's adaptation of Wolfgang Herrndorf's celebrated coming of age bestseller hailed as summer road movie of the year. Out in cinemas on September 15.

We licensed Courtney Barnett's 'Canned Tomatoes' for the soundtrack on behalf of our Canadian partners  Third Side Music.


'Looping' premiere at Max Ophüls Preis film festival

Following its premiere at the  Max Ophüls Preis film festival, the drama by Leonie Krippendorff is out in cinemas now. Actress Lana Cooper won Best Actress Award for her role at the 12th Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Awards.

The theme song of the film is contributed by our writers Engin Öztürk and Dirk Brück.


Coming to cinemas october 13: 'Die Welt der Wunderlichs'

Dani Levi's comedy 'Die Welt der Wunderlichs' is released 13 October 2016. The soundtrack features 'Evergreen' by Dillon.

The Swiss-German co-production revolves around gambling addicted dads, irresponsible exes and exploding coffee machines. Directed by Dani Levy, actors include Katharina Schüttler, Peter Simonischek, Christiane Paul, Steffen Groth, Martin Feifel und Hannelore Elsner.


Freibank at Reeperbahn Festival 2016

Busy days at RBF 2016.

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas kick off proceedings on Wednesday 23:00h at Kukuun.

Rhonda not only deliver great spine tingling shows - they are also among the most demanded and hardest working acts at RBF 2016 with no less than 4 performances: Friday 14:30 Bar 20457 (Hafencity) and Bullerei (acoustic) at 16:15, Saturday 16:55 Molotow Backyard and 20:50 Spielbude.

Klyne play two shows - Thursday 16:00 Molotow Skybar and Saturday 23:55 in Häkken.

Bit of suspence for Flanger on Thursday at the Via Award (Schmidt's Tivoli from 20:00), where their album 'Lollopy Dripper' is up for Best Album.

Fantastic Canadian Newcomers July Talk drop in from their current world tour for 2 shows on Friday - 22:00 Kukuun and 24:00 Knust.

Leyya are Special Guest at the Telekom Electronic Beats Matinée on Friday in Angie's Nightclub. Starts 13:00.

We Are Wolves are onstage Friday at 19:00 Uhr in Kukuun and Saturday 14:45 on the Spielbude stage.

Lido perform Friday 21:10 at Docks.

The Invisible conclude the Freibank related gigs on Saturday 22:45 in the Prinzenbar.

See you there!


Patric Catani writes for 'Pit People'

Game producer The Behemoth will release a new game scored by Patric Catani.

Patric Catani has delivered outstanding soundtracks to games like 'Battle Block Theatre' (The Behemoth), 'Mushroom Wars' (Creat Studios) und 'Minton' (Gamefabrik) during the last years, positioning himself as a much sought-after composer of games scores.


The Behemoth release a beta of their new game 'Pit People', to which Patric has also contributed music, on September 8.



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On Tour

Madsius Ovanda

20.01.20 Berlin, Prachtwerk

02.02.20 München, whiteBOX


David Correy ft DJ Polique

21.01.20 Berlin, Bi Nuu

23.01.20 Frankfurt, Das Bett

25.01.20 Hamburg, Logo


Che Sudaka

22.01.20 Rubigen (CH), Mühle Hunziken

23.01.20 Zürich (CH), Exil

24.01.20 Freiburg, Jazzhaus

25.01.20 Heidelberg, Halle02

02.02.20 Aachen, Musikbunker

05.02.20 Koblenz, Cafe Hahn

06.02.20 Marburg, KFZ

07.02.20 Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer

08.02.20 Hannover, Mephisto

11.02.20 Halle / Saale, Objekt 5

12.02.20 Frankfurt / Main, Nachtleben

13.02.20 Münster, Café Sputnik

13.02.20 Münster, Sputnikhalle

14.02.20 Stuttgart, clubCANN

15.02.20 Köln, Gebäude 9

18.02.20 Düsseldorf Altstadt, The Tube Club

19.02.20 Bielefeld, Forum

20.02.20 Bremen, Lagerhaus

21.02.20 Hamburg, Fabrik

22.02.20 Berlin, SO 36

04.03.20 Leipzig, WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik

05.03.20 Dresden, Scheune

05.03.20 Dresden, GrooveStation

06.03.20 Potsdam, Lindenpark

07.03.20 Lübeck, Treibsand

08.03.20 Husum, Speicher Husum e.V.

10.03.20 Braunschweig, KufA Haus

11.03.20 Dortmund, Junkyard

12.03.20 Salzburg (AT), Rockhouse

13.03.20 München, Feierwerk e.V.

13.03.20 München, Hansa 39 (Feierwerk)

14.03.20 Erlangen, E-Werk

19.03.20 Wien (AT), Arena

21.03.20 Lindau, Club Vaudeville


Shiraz Lane

27.02.20 München, Backstage

28.02.20 Regensburg, Eventhall Airport

29.02.20 Bochum, Rockpalast

03.03.20 Hamburg, Hafenklang

04.03.20 Köln, Blue Shell

05.03.20 Berlin, Maze Club

06.03.20 Wien (AT), Escape

07.03.20 Lichtenfels, Paunchy Cats



14.04.20 Hamburg, Gruenspan

16.04.20 Berlin, Columbia Theater



14.05.20 Wuppertal, LCB (Live Club Barmen)

19.05.20 Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie (Kl. Saal)


Gregor McEwan

16.10.20 Leipzig, Horns Erben

17.10.20 Magdeburg, Moritzhof

22.10.20 Göttingen, Nörgelbuff

23.10.20 Paderborn, Deelenhaus

24.10.20 Bielefeld, Bunker Ulmenwall

25.10.20 Münster, Pension Schmidt

28.10.20 Kassel, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

29.10.20 Dortmund, subrosa

30.10.20 Düsseldorf, Hotel Friends