Upcoming Film: 'Desire Will Set You Free'

Yony Leyser's 'Desire Will Set You Free' will premiere in German cinemas on the 5th of May. The film is "...a fictional, albeit pretty realistic, time capsule of Berlin's underground scene." (Vice) Along with 'Total Eclipse Of The Sun' by Einstürzende Neubauten are other Freibank titles like 'Confusion' by Steve Morell & Monika Pokorna, 'Samt & Stein' by Velvet Condom and 'Holy Water' by Bettina Köster.


'hamburg elektronisch 3' now available on hfn music

Hamburg's staple electronic compilation makes a return!

Bands that have been assigned to the style of "Hamburger Schule" in the 80's and early 90's have actually created quite different styles of music and refused to be reduced to local patriotism.

So when approaching the Hamburg music scene, make sure not to confuse its estimable past with the present. Always take a step further and don’t forget the ones who didn’t fit in.

Those could be found within the environment of the Golden Pudel Club - still a statement, politically and in regards to music. And there is Golem - the place to go for those Bohèmes into Jazz, Marcuse and Minimal Techno. Frappant hosted Off-Partys for those into art. There are Grünanlagen open airs in the summer, PAL in Karoviertel, Turtur in Wilhelmsburg, Uebel & Gefährlich and many more.

Off the beaten tracks there’s a vivid scene of dedicated hosts and labels such as Smallville, Pampa, Derivé Schallplatten, Baalsall Records, Diynamic Music or hafendisko. Among others, always among others.

The series 'hamburg elektronisch' already tributed two compilations to this diversity under the slogan "von house zu house". Quality continues with the third issue of 29 (mainly exclusive) tracks.

We are proud to see freibank published artists Wareika, Deo & Z-Man, Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard, Oliver Huntemann, André Winter and D-Saw represented on this great compilation!


The release party will take place April 23rd at Beta Lounge in Hamburg!



Messer Chups' new album is out now!

Russian experimental surf band's new album currently available.

Russian experimental surf band's new 'Spooky Hook' is Messer Chups' fourteenth album and is heavily influenced by horror films and old surf music, with a very rockabilly sound. The  experimental surf band was founded in 1998 as a side project to the band Messer Für Frau Mueller. The band has gone through various changes with multiple members leaving and others joining, like Lydia Kavina, the world's most famous Theremin player and its inventor's grand niece and currently consist of Oleg Gitarkin and Zombierella. Watch out for tourdates throughout Europe!


Leyya: 'Spanish Disco' out now via Las Vegas Records

Chaos vs. Routine, Woman vs. Man, Art vs. Pop!

We welcome our new publishing partner Andreas Jantsch Musikverlag from Austria and are very happy to present his Band Leyya!

The Vienna based band Leyya recently released their sophomore album to very positive reviews. Leyya combines violent expression with melancholic beats, creating a truly unique experience Leyya are currently on tour. The tour dates can be found here. Freibank is administrating worldwide ex Austria.


New album by The Heavy now available

The Heavy's new album 'Hurt & The Merciless' is out now

After four years the unique soul/rock/hiphop fusion group return with their fourth album, a familiar yet fresh sounding record which is guaranteed to please longtime fans and new comers alike.

The Bath based band's music has made many appearances in television, film, advertising and video games, including being the only band to ever have performed an encore on the Late Show with David Letterman.

The Heavy are currently touring. The dates can be found here.

Freibank represents the publishing rights of their UK Partner, Just Isn't Music.



Upcoming Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke album

'Perseverantia' to be released 6th of May on Potomak

Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke's new album will be available on the 6th of May on the label Potomak and will be distributed by Indigo. The new video for the single 'Awake' recently premiered on Vimeo.


In celebration of the new album the couple is going on a Record Release Party Tour. The tour dates can be found here.


Danielle de Picciotto is an american born German known for founding the Love Parade as well as having worked on many music and film projects. Alexander Hacke is a founding member of the avant-garde, experimental rock band, Einstürzende Neubauten and has been working with Danielle since 2001.



Shiraz Lane New Album

The young Finns in their early twenties are currently living the rock and roll dream. They recently released their first EP, 'Be The Slave Or Be The Change', to very positive reception and have been booked for festivals all over the world.

Their debut Album 'For Crying Out Loud' is due for release on 15.04.16 with Frontiers Music S.R.L. The Album has already received an incredibly positive review with a score of 6/7 from Metal Hammer Germany. The Video clip for their single "For Crying Out Loud" is currently in production and will be out soon.

Reminiscent of old school rock outfits such as Guns N Roses and Aerosmith, while simultaneously developing their own unique sound, they are a band to take notice of. The group consists of lead vocalist Hannes Kett, Lead Guitarist Jani Laine, Rythm Guitarist Miki Kalske, Bassist Joel Alex, and Drummer Ana Willman.



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On Tour

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current situation (Covid-19), the following dates may actually not represent the originally planned schedules.

For further info, please check the webpage of your local venue or artist websites.





Che Sudaka

22.01.20 Rubigen (CH), Mühle Hunziken

23.01.20 Zürich (CH), Exil

24.01.20 Freiburg, Jazzhaus

25.01.20 Heidelberg, Halle02

02.02.20 Aachen, Musikbunker

05.02.20 Koblenz, Cafe Hahn

06.02.20 Marburg, KFZ

07.02.20 Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer

08.02.20 Hannover, Mephisto

11.02.20 Halle / Saale, Objekt 5

12.02.20 Frankfurt / Main, Nachtleben

13.02.20 Münster, Café Sputnik

13.02.20 Münster, Sputnikhalle

14.02.20 Stuttgart, clubCANN

15.02.20 Köln, Gebäude 9

18.02.20 Düsseldorf Altstadt, The Tube Club

19.02.20 Bielefeld, Forum

20.02.20 Bremen, Lagerhaus

21.02.20 Hamburg, Fabrik

22.02.20 Berlin, SO 36

04.03.20 Leipzig, WERK 2 - Kulturfabrik

05.03.20 Dresden, Scheune

05.03.20 Dresden, GrooveStation

06.03.20 Potsdam, Lindenpark

07.03.20 Lübeck, Treibsand

08.03.20 Husum, Speicher Husum e.V.

10.03.20 Braunschweig, KufA Haus

11.03.20 Dortmund, Junkyard

12.03.20 Salzburg (AT), Rockhouse

13.03.20 München, Feierwerk e.V.

13.03.20 München, Hansa 39 (Feierwerk)

14.03.20 Erlangen, E-Werk

19.03.20 Wien (AT), Arena

21.03.20 Lindau, Club Vaudeville


hackedepicciotto ('The Current' Spring Tour)

17.02.20 Klagenfurt (AT), Hafenstadt

21.02.20 Wien (AT), RHIZ

22.02.20 Linz (AT), Kapu

28.02.20 Frankfurt am Main, The Cave

29.02.20 Freiburg, Slow Club

06.03.20 Dresden, Die Scheune

07.03.20 Leipzig, UT Connewitz

25.03.20 Berlin, Berghain Kantine

22.04.20 Zürich (CH), Bogen F

24.04.20 Bern (CH), Dampfzentrale

12.05.20 Köln, Stadtgarten (soundswrongfeelsright)


Die Arbeit

21.02.20 Dresden, Chemiefabrik (Record Release)

27.02.20 Berlin, Badehaus

28.02.20 Leipzig, Noch Besser Leben

29.02.20 Weißwasser, Telux

05.03.20 Dortmund, Hafenschänke Subrosa

06.03.20 Oberhausen, Druckluft

26.03.20 Frankfurt, The Cave

28.03.20 Karlsruhe, Kohi

29.03.20 Solingen, Waldmeister

23.04.20 Jena, Café Wagner

24.04.20 Halle, GiG Kneipe

25.04.20 Erfurt, Kulturquartier

06.06.20 Dresden, Societätstheater

27.06.20 Großkmehlen, Hometown Festival

15.10.20 Chemnitz, Aaltra

03.11.20 Hannover, Café Glocksee

04.11.20 Hildesheim, Club VEB

06.11.20 Berlin, Kantine am Berghain (tbc)

26.11.20 Dresden, Ostpol


Shiraz Lane

27.02.20 München, Backstage

28.02.20 Regensburg, Eventhall Airport

29.02.20 Bochum, Rockpalast

03.03.20 Hamburg, Hafenklang

04.03.20 Köln, Blue Shell

05.03.20 Berlin, Maze Club

06.03.20 Wien (AT), Escape

07.03.20 Lichtenfels, Paunchy Cats


Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

29.02.20 Berlin, Supamolly


Galv (DITOur 2020)

20.03.20 Augsburg, Soho Stage

21.03.20 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof - Tapefabrik

27.03.20 Hamburg, Häkken

28.03.20 Hannover, Mephisto

03.04.20 Göttingen, Vinyl Reservat

04.04.20 Bochum, Trompete

09.04.20 Chemnitz, Atomino

10.04.20 Berlin, Badehaus

12.04.20 Regensburg, Heimat

17.04.20 Freiburg, Harmonie

03.04.20 Stuttgart, Freund & Kupferstecher


Akua Naru

27.03.20 Berlin, Lido

28.03.20 München, EgoFM Festival Muffathalle

30.03.20 Wien (AT), Porgy & Bess


Madsius Ovanda (Talking Underwater Release Tour)

01.04.20 Ludwigshafen, dasHaus

02.04.20 Nürnberg, Blok

03.04.20 Kempten, Künstlerhaus

04.04.20 München, Milla

05.04.20 Leipzig, Neues Schauspiel

07.04.20 Köln, Club Subwa

08.04.20 Hamburg, Häkken

09.04.20 Berlin, Auster Club


Giant Rooks

04.04.20 Dortmund, Warsteiner Music Hall

05.04.20 München, TonHalle

07.04.20 Stuttgart, Liederhalle

08.04.20 Erlangen, Kongresszentrum Heinrich-Lades-Halle

09.04.20 Hamburg, Sporthalle

11.04.20 Leipzig, Haus Auensee

12.04.20 Wiesbaden, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

13.04.20 Köln, Palladium

15.04.20 Hannover, Swiss Life Hall

16.04.20 Berlin, Columbiahalle

17.04.20 Berlin, Columbiahalle

21.04.20 Wien (AT), Arena

22.04.20 Zürich (CH), X-TRA

19.06.20 Scheeßel, Hurricane Festival

19.06.20 Neuhausen Ob Eck, Southside Festival

25.06.20 St. Gallen (CH), Open Air St. Gallen

15.07.20 Wabern bei Bern (CH), Gurtenfestival

14.08.20 Leipzig, Highfield Festival


Igorrr (full band)

05.04.20 Zürich (CH), Dynamo

07.04.20 München, Backstage

08.04.20 Bochum, Zeche

09.04.20 Stuttgart, Wizeman

14.04.20 Hamburg, Gruenspan

16.04.20 Berlin, Columbia Theater,

21.04.20 Wien (AT), Szene



14.05.20 Wuppertal, LCB (Live Club Barmen)

19.05.20 Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie (Kl. Saal)



23.05.20 Hamburg, Nochtspeicher⁣

24.05.20 Berlin, Kantine⁣ am Berghain

28.05.20 Basel (CH), Sommercasino (Czar Fest⁣)


Maître Gim

27.05.20 Frankfurt, Batschkapp

28.05.20 Köln, Palladium

29.05.20 Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36

30.05.20 Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus

31.05.20 München, Backstage Werk


Gregor McEwan

25.09.20 Frankfurt, Lotte Lindenberg

26.09.20 Lauterbach, Schloss Eisenbach

14.10.20 München, Milla Club

16.10.20 Leipzig, Horns Erben

17.10.20 Magdeburg, Moritzhof

21.10.20 Hamburg, Thalia Theater (Nachtasyl)

22.10.20 Göttingen, Nörgelbuff

23.10.20 Paderborn, Deelenhaus

24.10.20 Köln, Die Wohngemeinschaft

25.10.20 Münster, Pension Schmidt

28.10.20 Kassel, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

29.10.20 Dortmund, subrosa

30.10.20 Düsseldorf, Hotel Friends

31.10.20 Bielefeld, Bunker Ulmenwall

01.11.20 Schermbeck, Ehemalige reformierte Kirche

05.11.20 Darmstadt, Künstlerkeller

06.11.20 Neunkirchen, Stummsche Reithalle

07.11.20 Bayreuth, Das Zentrum!