'Youth And Enjoyment' by RAZZ in trailer for 'Hot Dog'

'Youth & Enjoyment' by RAZZ is to be heard in the trailer for german romcom 'Hot Dog', directed by Tirsten Künstler. Starring Matthias Schweighöfer, Till Schweiger and many others more.




'Warm Signal' by Apparat for Prada 'Parallels'

Our BeNeLux partners CTM licensed Apparat's 'Warm Signal' for Prada's Pre-Fall 2017 collection.

The film was directed by high acclaimed fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre, starring actress Jessica Chastain.



Soundtrack of George Gittoes' documentary 'Snow Monkey' released!

'Snow Monkey' is an epic portrait of daily life in Jalalabad. Australian director and war activist George Gittoes recruited gangs of war-damaged children to shoot local, Pashto-style films: vibrant, colorful and infused with the violence they experience on a daily basis.

Although Gittoes is an award-winning artist, his film does not easily classify as an art film per se, veering more towards post-modern agitprop.


Main parts of the soundtrack were written by Freibank author Hugo Race in collaboration with other artists such as Mick Harvey, Hellen Rose, Brian Hooper, just to name a few.



'Zoo' by Leyya for Spotify!

Spotify currently uses Leyya's summer hit 'Zoo' for their 'Early Bird' campaign!



Fatih loves Courtney

Again, Fatih Akin asked Coutney Barnett to contribute to his new award winning thriller!

First love was the use of Courtney's 'Canned Tomatoes' in Fatih Akin's Tschick - now it's her 'Anonymous Club' he picked for Aus dem Nichts (In The Fade), the new award winning thriller by Fatih Akin featuring Diane Kruger.

Congratulations to Courtney Barnett, original publisher Third Side Music and thanks to Bombero International and Pia Hoffmann Music Supervising!


'Stress' by Justice for german movie trailer

'Jugend ohne Gott' will premiere late summer this year!


We licensed 'Stress' by Justice for a trailer of upcoming movie 'Jugend ohne Gott', based on the novel of hungarian writer Ödön von Hórvarth. The song is from their debut album † ('Cross'). The french duo released their third studio album Woman November last year.


Congrats to our french subpublishing partner Because and the authors!



'Asphalt Kobolt' by Lena Willikens for Lemaire Fashion Show

Our french partner Because licensed 'Asphalt Kobolt' by Lena Willikens for Fall Winter Fashion Show 2017/ 2018 of french fashion designer Christophe Lemaire.





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