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Patric Catani

The Berlin-based producer and composer has worked on some 90 albums including production and (re)mix work for Ill Till & Xberg Dhirty6 Cru, Puppetmastaz, Fraktus, Driver&Driver, Bonaparte, Angie Reed, Chilly Gonzales, released on labels like Wordsound, Grand Royal (USA), Shitkatapult, Sonig, Mille Plateaux, Gagarin Records and Beat Ink (Japan).

Constantly expanding his universe, he also produced theatre music for Volksbühne Berlin, Münchner Kammerspiele, ZT Hollandia, Theater Freiburg, Theater Basel a.o. as well as film and game scores.

Video games:

Minton (2015) Gamefabrik

Battle Block Theater (2013) The Behemoth

Mushroom Wars (2009) Creatstudios, Sony PS3

Digger (2009) Creatstudios, Sony PS3

Score work includes:

Architektura (2015) by Ulu Braun

Dessau Dancers (2014) by Jan Martin Scharf

Covert Affairs (US TV series)

Europe in 8 Bits (2013) by Javier Polo

Pene d'Amore (2008) by Alfredo Fiorillo

TV, Sounddesign and Jingles:

MTV/VIVA 2006-2010



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Mona Mur

Following her work as solo singer and collaborations with artists including Dieter Meier (Yello) and Polish superstar Grzegorz Ciechowski, Mona Mur has increasingly concentrated on sounddesign and score, with an emphasis on games.

Game music, soundscape and FX work includes:

All Walls Must Fall (2017) InBetween Games

The Last Look (2016) Chaos Core

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (2010) IO Interactive - Eidos/Square Enix

Velvet Assassin (2009) UbiSoft Japan

Ballance (2004) Cyparade / ATARI


TV / Documentary scores include:

Täuschung - Die Methode Reagan (2014) by Dirk Pohlmann

Die Atombombe im Vorgarten (2014) by Rudolph Herzog

Dienstbereit - Nazis und Faschisten im Auftrag der CIA (2013) by Dirk Pohlmann



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f i s c h e r

Jens Rudolf Fischer produces and acts as musical director for artists as diverse as Konstantin Wecker and the Blue Man Group. He also writes and produces extensively for theatre and increasingly for short film scores, immediately winning accolades and awards in this field.

Score work includes:

Wert der Arbeit (2016) by Mathias Kossmehl

Wo warst Du? (2016) by Katja Benrath

Habib und der Hund (2014) and Feuerkind (2014) by Julia Neuhaus

Stiller Löwe (2013) by Sven Philipp Pohl

Theatre work includes:

Das Missverständnis (Albert Camus) at Deutsches Theater Berlin

Blick von der Brücke (Arthur Miller) at Schauburg Munich

Marlene Marlene at Brooklyn Theatre N.Y.


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Burnt Friedman

Burnt Friedman is of Germany’s most innovative and respected electronic musicians. His work is revered worldwide in music media including like Resident Advisor, The Wire, Mixmag, Uncut, Data Transmission, Exclaim, Big Shot a.m.o.. His groundbreaking work with Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit on 'Secret Rhythms' has been described as "destined for cult success", with The Arts Desk making it their Album Of The Week.


Score work includes:

Die Letzten Gigolos (2014), directed by Stephan Bergmann
Bibliotheque Pascal (2010) by Szabolcs Hajdu
The Vanishing Border (1999) by Thomas Kutschker

Ads include:

Deutsche Bahn

German Design Council



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Nirto Karsten Fischer

Nirto specializes in high end audio production beyond simple 'In The Box' mixes. The combination of specialized hardware and software tools with more than 25 years of experience in the media industries leads to high quality results. Composition, sound design, groove design, synth programming and final production is performed in an integrated manner to deliver highly adapted and individual solutions in stereo and surround. All metering standards are available.

Customers include:


Hugo Boss

Mercedes Benz

Silicon Graphics




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Just Isn't Music (UK)

JIM Bespoke is the in-house dedicated original composition and music supervision service covering TV, film, ads and games of our partners Just Isn’t Music in the UK and North America. Music supervisor Kyle Lynd (Skins) brings a wealth of industry experience to the department and has developed a roster which combines established TV, film and ad composers with those commercial artists from the JIM roster (including CMD/CTR, Amon Tobin, The Cinematic Orchestra,Flying Lotus, Bonobo) who have experience in bespoke composition.


JIM Bespoke has provided original composition and/or music supervision for the following brands and productions: Nokia, Toyota, True Blood, Sony Playstation, O2, Lucozade, The Walking Dead, Jamie Oliver, Panorama, Splinter Cell and many more.

JIM Bespoke

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Because Editions (FR)

Founded in 2005 by former Virgin France and EMI Europe President Emmanuel de Buretel, Because Editions has quickly become the leading independent music publisher in France.

Thanks to a number of prestigious signings including Daft Punk, Vitaa, Amadou & Mariam, Thomas Dutronc and Justice, Because Editions can boast a high quality domestic editorial catalogue which continues to expand each day. The professionalism of its team, rich with more than twenty years of experience, has also enabled a number of groundbreaking synchs.