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OUT: album 'Clouds Of War' by Yishai Swaertz x Mona Mur

Yishai Sweartz of Tomorrow’s Rain and singer/composer Mona Mur just released a new album via Soleilmoon Recordings.

New signing: Aron Henschel

We welcome Leipzig-based Aron Henschel to the Freibank family.

New signing: Robert Alen

We welcome Overath-based Robert Alen to the Freibank family.

OUT: album 'The World Before Commercialism' by Pink Elln

'The World Before Commercialism' is the second release of Pink Elln's archive material.

Mark Chung speaks at AIMP 2024

Freibank founder Mark Chung speaks at this years AIMP in New York City.

Manana selected for Spotify Radar 2024

Congratulations to Manana and ACP!

OUT: album 'Moment' by Jan Faati

Jan Faati's music is always oriented towards the bounce.

OUT: album '18 Short Stories' by Bymski

The album was born in Japan during typhoon season, when Bymski was caught indoors during a downpour.

OUT: album 'Stereo Noir' by Lary

Lary's album is co-written by Patrice.

OUT: album 'Hyacinth' by Dena & Lauer

Lauer is back with a new album on Permanent Vacation.

OUT: album 'Build From Here' by Wolfgang Tillmans

'Build From Here' is driven by a desire to explore and to expose.

New signing: Lambert

We welcome Berlin-based Lambert to the Freibank family.

OUT: album 'New World' by Cats & Breakkies

Cats & Breakkies sounds like acoustically produced electronic music.

New signing: Schwarz

We welcome Berlin-based Roland Meyer de Voltaire to the Freibank family.

Einstürzende Neubauten charted on #5

Einstürzenden Neubauten entered the German album charts on #5.

OUT: album 'All About Love: New Visions' by Akua Naru

The album is inspired by and an ode to Black feminist icon Bell Hooks and her Titanic classic text of the same name.

OUT: album 'Rampen' by Einstürzende Neubauten

They search for new forms. For the undiscovered sound and the yet unspoken word.

Liquid Sky Artist Collective is co-hosting the AI Horror Short Film Showcase

Freibanks very own Dr Walker co-hosts the AI Horror Short Film segment at Lisbon's cult horror film festival MOTELX.

OUT: album 'Das Neue Elektronische Volkslied' by Tobias.

Embark on a sonic journey with Danza Tribale's latest release.

OUT: album 'Blind Spot On The Bright Side Of Life' by Brokof

Brokof has grown boldly and independent, thus remaining true to itself.

OUT: album 'Ethos' by Frank & Tony

Why dancefloors and liberatory politics consistently share the language of movements and revolutions.

OUT: album 'Early Singles 1981-1982' by Xmal Deutschland

As any true punk would, Xmal Deutschland’s members started the band despite any previous musical experience.

OUT: album 'Codes' by Anja Huwe

Invited by her long-time friend Mona Mur, Huwe reconsidered her decades-long hiatus from music.

Messer Chups won Best Rockabilly Group

Messer Chups won Best Rockabilly Group at this years Ameripolitan Music Awards.