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Hip-Hop culture in Heidelberg

Hip-Hop culture in Heidelberg has been added to Germany's list of intangible cultural heritage.

OUT: Single 'Rainbow' by Mad Romeo

With “Rainbow,” Mad Romeo marks its first release in over thirty years.

OUT: Album 'Toilet Queen' by Kastrierte Philosophen

Another digital re-release by 80s band Kastrierte Philosophen.

OUT: Single 'Bedroom Exile' by Giant Rooks

With "Bedroom Exile" they release the second single since their debut album "ROOKERY".

OUT: Single 'Marry's In Need' by Kati von Schwerin

The musician uses her songs as a tool to reduce distances - between herself and her audience.

OUT: Album 'Nerves' by Kastrierte Philosophen

"Nerves" is the fourth album by Kastrierte Philosophen, a band founded in 1983 in Germany.

OUT: Album 'Forever Yours' by Rhonda

'Forever Yours' is the fourth studio album by the originally all-Hamburg band Rhonda.

OUT: Album 'Dreaming Hills' by Shuko

'Dreaming Hills' is heavily influenced by the sounds of California jazz, R&B and of course hip-hop beats.

OUT: Single 'Goldener Strom Remixes 2

BPitch brings you the second instalment from the remixes package.

OUT: Single 'Everybody Needs Some Loving' by Jacob Bellens

“The song was written in realization of what’s actually important in life.” says Jacob.

OUT: Single 'Steht mir' by Cro

In the song "Steht mir" Cro processes the end of a relationship.

OUT: Album 'Jahre' by Kastrierte Philosophen

Achinger and Arfmann remastered their music and started to make the stuff available again.

FREIBANK x The Royalty Network

FREIBANK extends collaboration with US publisher The Royalty Network.

Rhonda announces new Album 'Forever Yours'

Rhonda announced their 4th studio album, which will be released via popup-records.

OUT: Album 'Soft Opening' by Atom™

Atom™ kicks off 2023 with a brand new album.

OUT: Album 'Silence I' by Silence

Proper vinyl treatment to commemorate the 30th anniversary of 'Silence I'.

OUT: Album 'Über das Grau' by Flo Mega

Flo Mega has the soul back.

OUT: Single 'Glimpse' by Apollo Brown

Apollo Brown's track ‘Glimpse’ exhibits his signature laid back instrumental style.

OUT: Single 'The End' by Gregor McEwan

"I wrote 'The End.' during the pandemic and especially with the climate crisis and policy makers in mind."

OUT: EP 'Goldener Strom Remixes 1' by Rosa Anschütz

BPitch presents the first instalment of remixes from Ellen Allien and Métaraph.

OUT: Album 'The Original Band 1984-1986' by Mona Mur

The recordings, made in 1984 - 1986, had never been released... until now.

New Signing: Flo Mega

We welcome Bremen-based Flo Mega to the Freibank family.

New Signing: Kimmø

After a couple of collaborations with Shuko, Kimmø finally made his way to Freibank as well.

OUT: Live Album 'Tyrants & Poolsharks' by Kastrierte Philosophen

The Fabulous live recording is digitally available for the first time ever.