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New Signing: Paurro

We welcome Mexico City-based Paurro to the Freibank family!

OUT: Album 'Hasan Poppu' by Hasan Poppu

Hasan Poppu is a word creation that means broken pop music and is based on our deep soft spot for all things Japanese.

OUT: EP 'TIED' by Mona Mur

The musical legend with a new EP full of oppressive retro beats and nihilistic lyrics.

OUT: Single 'Palm Trees' by Kimmø & Shuko

Some new jazzy vibes from Kimmø & Shuko.

OUT: Album 'Schön' by Felix Römer & Nachtfarben

Felix Römer writes poetry. This has led to him being the German-language poetry slam champion.

OUT: Album 'Welcome Back Home' by Kati von Schwerin

On her current album again a fine sense for arrangements and soundscapes.

OUT: Single 'Goldener Strom Remixes 3' by Rosa Anschütz

Rosa Anschütz presents two distinct inversions from Dollkraut and Gudrun Gut.

OUT: Single 'Crispy' by Danju

Danju's new single is produced by our dear friends Shuko and Kimmo.

OUT: Single 'My Little Girl' by Gregor McEwan

The message of Gregor McEwan's brand new single is clear. Have a listen!

OUT: Album 'Eskimo Summer' by Kastrierte Philosophen

The digitization of their back catalog continues.

OUT: Album 'Superfucker' by Abwärts

The legendary Hamburg punk band Abwärts is back with a new album.

OUT: Single 'Bedroom Exile (Spotify Single)' by Giant Rooks

After long time touring Europe and the USA Giant Rooks are back with new material.

Out: Single 'Page 99' by Kati von Schwerin

'Page 99' is the second single from Kati von Schwerins upcoming album 'Welcome Back Home'.

OUT: Album 'Dream Less Suite' by Genesis P-Orridge and The Hafler Trio

Do these 2 legends still need any introduction?

OUT: Album 'Telepath' by Material + Object.

Telepath is born out of a single improvised recording session with a lone Violinist.

OUT: Album 'Leipzig D.C.' by Kastrierte Philosophen

A new re-release by 80s band Kastrierte Philosophen.

Hip-Hop culture in Heidelberg

Hip-Hop culture in Heidelberg has been added to Germany's list of intangible cultural heritage.

OUT: Single 'Rainbow' by Mad Romeo

With “Rainbow,” Mad Romeo marks its first release in over thirty years.

OUT: Album 'Yield' by KUF

KUF is back with their forth long player.

OUT: Single 'Your Body Is Yours' by Wolfgang Tillmans

Tillmans just released the single which is kind of the soundtrack of his 'Your Body Is Yours' exhibition.

OUT: Album 'Toilet Queen' by Kastrierte Philosophen

Another digital re-release by 80s band Kastrierte Philosophen.

OUT: Single 'Bedroom Exile' by Giant Rooks

With "Bedroom Exile" they release the second single since their debut album "ROOKERY".

OUT: Single 'Mary's In Need' by Kati von Schwerin

The musician uses her songs as a tool to reduce distances - between herself and her audience.

OUT: Album 'Nerves' by Kastrierte Philosophen

'Nerves' is the fourth album by Kastrierte Philosophen, a band founded in 1983 in Germany.