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Crunchy Freihfn! reception at RBF 2023

Crunchy Freihfn warm-up reception @ Barboncino zwölphi

OUT: Album 'Going Solo' by Gregor McEwan

'Going Solo' is now his key work, his "White Album".

Billboard #1 for Ciara and Chris Brown

The Song 'How We Roll' by Ciara and Chris Brown managed to reach the Billboard #1. Congratulations!

New signing: Daniel Donskoy

We welcome Berlin- and London-based Daniel Donskoy to the Freibank family.

New signing: Föllakzoid

We welcome Chile-based Föllakzoid to the Freibank family.

Master Musicians of Joujouka enthused Glastonbury

Read the full BBC articel about the Moroccan band who enthused Glastonbury festival 2023.

Freibank x Café Concerto Writing Camp Milan

We had a wonderful cross boarder writing camp with our italien partner Café Concerto in Milan.

OUT: Album 'Paranoïa, Angels, True Love' by Christine and the Queens

Paranoïa, Angels, True Love is Christine and the Queens’ fourth studio album out now on Because Music.

New Signing: K.ZIA

We welcome Berlin-based K.ZIA to the Freibank family.

OUT: Album 'Ghosts' by Black Light Smoke

Black Light Smoke is the electronic music moniker of Jordan Lieb.

OUT: Single 'Never Be The Same' by Karla Blum

'Never Be The Same' is a driving, rolling techno cut that keeps on adding tension and atmosphere throughout.

OUT: Album 'Indigo Sine Wave' by Ain't About Me

"human fallacy is a perfection and the constant an indigo sine wave impossible to tame and everything else is just empty…

Formel 1 2023

The track 'The Formula' by Lil Wayne & will.i.am is now considered the official song for F1 racing for this season!

OUT: Album 'Seins Fikschn' by Atom™

'Seins Fikschn' is part of an upcoming compilation series.

OUT: Single 'Hoffnung wird schon gerade biegen' by Subbotnik

Subbotnik erzählt aus dem Leben von Flo und macht dabei die kleinen Momente groß.

OUT: Single 'Celebrate Blessings' by James BKS

‘Celebrate Blessings’ explores the musician’s heritage as well as other influences in his life.

New Signing: Faluti

We welcome Mayen-based Faluti to the Freibank family.

New Signing: Paurro

We welcome Mexico City-based Paurro to the Freibank family!

ESC 2023

The track 'Promise' by the band Voyager, which we sub-publish, managed to get the 9th place in Liverpool.

OUT: Single 'Let It Go / Suitcase In A Box' By Steve Bug & Clé

Electronic music pioneer and Poker Flat boss Steve Bug joins forces with regular collaborator Clé.

OUT: Single 'Mighty Night' by The OhOhOhs

"With analogue played techno on synthesizer and stand-up drums we bring club music to the fore"

OUT: Album 'Hasan Poppu' by Hasan Poppu

Hasan Poppu is a word creation that means broken pop music and is based on our deep soft spot for all things Japanese.

OUT: EP 'TIED' by Mona Mur

The musical legend with a new EP full of oppressive retro beats and nihilistic lyrics.

OUT: Album 'Schöneberg' by Marmion

Marmion celebrates the 30th anniversary of seminal classic 'Schöneberg'.