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OUT: Album 'Jahre' by Kastrierte Philosophen

Achinger and Arfmann remastered their music and started to make the stuff available again.

FREIBANK x The Royalty Network

FREIBANK extends collaboration with US publisher The Royalty Network.

Rhonda announces new Album 'Forever Yours'

Rhonda announced their 4th studio album, which will be released via popup-records.

OUT: Album 'Soft Opening' by Atom™

Atom™ kicks off 2023 with a brand new album.

OUT: Album 'Silence I' by Silence

Proper vinyl treatment to commemorate the 30th anniversary of 'Silence I'.

OUT: Album 'Über das Grau' by Flo Mega

Flo Mega has the soul back.

OUT: Single 'Glimpse' by Apollo Brown

Apollo Brown's track ‘Glimpse’ exhibits his signature laid back instrumental style.

OUT: Single 'The End' by Gregor McEwan

"I wrote 'The End.' during the pandemic and especially with the climate crisis and policy makers in mind."

OUT: EP 'Goldener Strom Remixes 1' by Rosa Anschütz

BPitch presents the first instalment of remixes from Ellen Allien and Métaraph.

OUT: Album 'The Original Band 1984-1986' by Mona Mur

The recordings, made in 1984 - 1986, had never been released... until now.

New Signing: Flo Mega

We welcome Bremen-based Flo Mega to the Freibank family.

New Signing: Kimmø

After a couple of collaborations with Shuko, Kimmø finally made his way to Freibank as well.

OUT: Live Album 'Tyrants & Poolsharks' by Kastrierte Philosophen

The Fabulous live recording is digitally available for the first time ever. 

OUT: Single 'Light In Everything' by Rhonda

Rhonda releases the single "Light In Everything", the second single from their fourth studio album "Forever Yours".

OUT: Album 'Cost Of Living' by Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene

The cost of living may be high, but Greene and Brown allow you to understand that it is not insurmountable.

FREIBANK for films 21

For almost 25 years we have provided you with for films CDs, but that's over now. 

OUT: Album 'Dreams Don't Make Noise' by Lasse Matthiessen

With "Dreams Don't Make Noise" Lasse Matthiessen goes with the zeitgeist and seems to have found his new style.

OUT: EP 'Comma' by Manana

South African singer Manana is back with a new EP.

OUT: Album 'Between Shootings' by Kastrierte Philosophen

The digital re-release of 'Between Shootings' from 1987 is out now.

OUT: Album 'Boundaries' by Andreas Balicki

Driven by the power of slow, shivering downtempo rhythms and melodic techno influenced grooves, Andreas Balicki has…

OUT: Album '2022' by GALV & Jan Faati

"2022" is an album in the best sense of the word: well conceived, elaborated down to the last detail.

OUT: Single '(To You) CEO, Bitch!" by Gregor McEwan

A brand new singer/songwriter single by Gregor McEwan.

OUT: EP 'Music For Film' by Jan Wagner & Tobias Preisig

This music is the soundtrack of your own mind movie.

OUT: Album 'The Super Album' by Patrice

The Super Album was recorded in the house Patrice grew up in, near Cologne.