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OUT: New Album 'Everything You Will Ever Need' by Razz

It takes a certain maturity to realize that in life it's rarely the destination that matters, but rather the path that leads you there. When, like Razz, you start a band at 15, release your first album at 18 and go straight on to the next record, you have to be careful not to let that realization fall by the wayside. Two studio albums and around 400 shows played, including headline tours of their own and major festivals like Hurricane Festival, Lollapalooza and Rock am Ring. And now what? Between stage, studio and rehearsal room, there is hardly any time to reflect on what they have experienced. Always focusing on the next bigger goal. Always looking for the next rush.

Ten years have passed since Razz was founded, and suddenly there is the fact that the boundless lightheartedness of a young up-and-coming band cannot be an eternal state. After eventful years as a band and a move to Berlin, Niklas, Christian, Lukas and Steffen can look back to some mesmerising adventures, but still are at a point where the future still has everything to offer.

There lives a mood of departure that comes with existence in a world full of possibilities. But at the same time, you begin to question decisions you've made in the past and have yet to make for the future. A sense of disorientation, a balancing act between lightness and melancholy. Razz escapes the pressure to master this discipline perfectly and use this condition as an opportunity to surpass themselves.

'Everything You Will Ever Need' is Razz's third studio album and marks the point at which the band confronts the experiences of their lives to date. The new record embodies the center of all the emotions that have come to life over the past few years. The processing of losses, as well as the rising uncertainty of saying goodbye to someone who has helped shape the majority of one's memories. Feelings of fear and sadness characterize everyday life, but what follows are also self-acceptance and hope to draw from. The realization that trying to control one's own feelings and thoughts usually results in even greater uncontrollability. With 'Everything You Will Ever Need', Razz takes on the challenge of accepting setbacks and change, and exploring those emotions that are beyond one's power. It’s the confrontation with your own personality and the realization that you online grow by admitting and forgiving.

Responsible for the sound of the new record is again the producer duo Fabian Langer and Dennis Borger, with whom they have already collaborated on the EP 'Might Delete Later', released in spring 2021. Somewhere between melancholy and lightness, between captivating guitar riffs, spherical synths and catchy hooks, they have let their multi-layered sound mature and enriched it with an unmistakable casualness.

Before looking to the big goals, Razz first needs to take smaller steps, make peace with themselves and part with the misconception that as a human being you can do everything right. The understanding of man as a potentially perfect being may be one of the biggest misinterpretations of a generation that seems to have the desire for self-optimization and perfectionism burned into their minds. With 'Everything You Will Ever Need', Razz speak from the soul of a generation that is currently in the midst of identity crises and insecurities.


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OUT: 'Morning Blue' by Giant Rooks

'Morning Blue' is Giant Rooks’ first new song since their successful debut album 'Rookery', which caused a sensation in Germany (#3 on the official album charts) as well as internationally with over 200 million streams and strong chart performances in many countries.

The release brings a two-year creative phase full circle for singer Frederik Rabe, guitarist Finn Schwieters, bassist Luca Göttner, keyboarder Jonathan Wischniowski, and drummer Finn Thomas, that has allowed the band to hone their sound. Already the first seconds of 'Morning Blue' demonstrate why the German band, founded in 2015, is currently tipped as one of the most promising international indie bands.

With an almost sold-out tour through Germany and Europe, the US, and Mexico, as well as a viral cover of 'Tom’s Diner' that had a firm grip on the charts all over the world, the band is riding a wave of success launching a journey to unprecedented heights with 'Morning Blue'.

'Morning Blue' is out July 8th via Irrsinn (Universal)


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OUT: James BKS releases debut producer album 'Wolves of Africa'

The French-Cameroonian artist and producer James BKS has released his long awaited debut album 'Wolves of Africa‘ on the 8th of July 2022.

'Wolves of Africa' is the result of a long, personal and artistic journey and the proof, that it takes a lifetime to find your own musical path. It pays tribute to his late father Manu Dibango – a well known artist and saxophonist from Cameroon, who was influenced by the Douala culture, Bulu and even Bikutsi rhythms. For ‚Wolves of Africa', James BKS connects both his past in Hip Hop and his African culture.

James BKS belongs to a new breed of wolves: One that has been roaming the European pastures for thousands of years and carries ancient myths. He arises from the kind of wolve that has settled in Africa, called the Golden Wolf (African Wolf), and also embodies a new breed - that of a new and travelling generation. The producer has created his album between France, the USA and the continent of his roots - Africa. He has worked with various artists such as Will.I.Am, Q-Tip, Little Simz and actor Idris Elba, who are all featured on 'Wolves of Africa' and belong to this new breed of wolves.

The video of the new single 'Jungle Go Dumb' featuring Will.I.Am will be released on the 28th of July.


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new signing: Rosa Anschütz

Rosa Anschütz investigates and utilises various fields of Transmedia Arts with a focus on sound, object and scenery including photography and film, creating a collage within and beyond her music.

'I follow the Golden Stream', sings Rosa Anschütz, meaning: she follows the becoming and passing of things; but at the same time she offers - like an island - a resistance to the drift of time. 'Goldener Strom' is a great pop album, full of melodies, aphorisms and beats that immediately catch your ear. At the same time, it is a manifesto of artistic sovereignty - precious and wise in our times of streamlined art.

'Goldener Strom' is her debut album and has been released May 27th through Ellen Alien's BPitch Control.


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'The Garden' licensed for The Dior Men Summer 2023 Show

For this years runway show of the Dior men's summer collection for 2023, an absolute classic by Einstürzende Neubauten was licensed. 'The Garden' accompanies the models perfectly during the show, since it's decor displays a reconstitution of Christian Dior’s childhood house in Granville and Duncan Grant’s country house, with a big flower garden in the middle of the set. The show is a dialogue between Mr. Dior’s heritage (embroidery and shapes) and the British Artist Duncan Grant whose prints are going to be incorporated in the men's summer collection 2023.

'The Garden' was first released in 1996 and can be found on the Einstürzende Neubauten album 'Ende Neu'.


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Burnt Friedman & João Pais Filipe: 'Mechanics Of Waving Vol. 1'

Since 2018 João Pais Filipe (on drums) and Burnt Friedman (electronics/synth) investigate into automatic pattern-composition rooted in doubling and halving the unimpeachable laws of motion. The offer of freedom can be seen as a way to get in touch with necessity.

On 'Mechanics Of Waving' the attempt is made to succumb to such a mode of action, the drilling of a method, not through individual cunning or displayed musicianship. Through constant practise Friedman & Pais discover the principles of rhythmic phenomena while dis-associating the music from cultural idioms.

'Mechanics Of Waving Vol. 1' is out since June 17th via Friedman's Nonplace)


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Frank & Tony - Dream Vibration

Frank & Tony drop their new Dream Vibration EP some 5 years after their last outing as a duo with the much-celebrated 'Odes' EP.

Having teased the full release with two upfront tracks - 'Time Out Of Mind' and Timmy Regisford’s masterful instrumental rework of 'Stretch Out Like The World', we now get to enjoy the full package.

Title track 'Dream Vibration' kicks off with a lazy breakbeat, floating, barely-there chord washes and eventually and slowly reveals a thick, low kick and deep sub to drive things along. Frank & Tony’s original version of 'Stretch Out Like The World' features Eliana Glass on vocals - a melancholic but tough track that exudes a classic in the making. Timmy Regisford’s vocal mix amps up the percussion to create a hypnotic club jam idea for an early morning Shelter dancefloor.

'Dream Vibration' is out since June 10th via Scissor & Thread.


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Tim Engelhardt - Follow EP

Tim Engelhardt returns to Poker Flat Recordings for the first time since his 'First Contact' release in 2020.


In the meantime the German producer and DJ has been gracing other fine labels such as Stil Vor Talent and Watergate Records, but Poker Flat is delighted to welcome back his distinctive deep and effecting approach to tech house with his new EP 'Follow'.

'Follow' is a highly musical track - the live-sounding drums give it a motorik feel, while the bubbling synths and melancholic, jazzy keys bring an element of depth and sophistication. 'Burning' is a techier cut, with a thick, rounded bass and some of Tim’s trademark tension building synth lines.

Follow' was released June 3rd via Poker Flat Recordings - the perfect soundtrack for the festival season.