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out soon: new album by Patrick Siegfried Zimmer

Patrick Siegfried Zimmer is a synthesis of art and existence. A dark connaisseur, an enthusiastic autodidact, a never-resting creative mind. As a composer, songwriter, designer, screenwriter, film director, life has always been his muse. With 'Memories XI-XX', the Hamburg native returns to classical soundscapes. Music in its purest form, but in a new disguise. An instrumental album - so intimate and opulent at the same time - setting art to music and drawing contours to life. An invigorating piece of art about the sound of our existence.


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THE OHOHOHS: 'Sturm & Drang'

On stage, two instruments face each other: the grand piano and percussion. Coming from techno, the musicians have gone the path of transferring the "wildest" electronic music in analogue form to their instruments and working out new compositions, sometimes inspired by old masters. Through their mixture of different styles, they appeal to a wide audience. First and foremost is their search for an emotional connection between the different musical styles. Their dynamic grabs with forward driving melodies and rhythms, with crescendi, with breaks. It's a process of constantly re-forming, of seeking out, of surprising enchantment.

THE OHOHOHS make the concert hall mutate into a club and the club into a concert

hall. The shamanistic magic of repetitive beats comes to the fore as well as the intimate lyrical play of the grand piano.

Their debut album features 8 of their own compositions, an arrangement of the Prelude No. 2 in C minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, and an arrangement of all 3 movements of the Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven.


Reeperbahn Festival 2021: Crunchy Frog x Freibank’s showcase on the 24th of September

We have been working with the Danish label Crunchy Frog for a long time. At this years Reeperbahn Festival we are joining forces to put on one helluva show!

Come join us for a chat, drinks, snacks and, most importantly, great music at Grüner Jäger on Friday the 24th of September.

16:00 Reception (invite only)
17:00 The New Madness
18:45 Lasse Mathiessen
20:30 Spoon and the Forkestra
22:15 The Entrepreneurs

The New Madness
With Danish-born multi-instrumentalist Bjarke Sørensen in front, The New Madness has an international cast from Germany, Canada and France - Simeon Loth, Alex Cummings and Elie Granger. With roots firmly planted in the ground between garage revisionist blues rock, the band’s hard-hitting riffs and rallying melodies are a rebel call to sticking it to The Man, freaking out and embracing non-conformity – a new madness!

Lasse Matthiessen
Melancholic by trade and a songwriter of the non-conformist breed, Lasse Matthiessen leads us into the dark corners of the soul, looking for inspiration and ways forward. Lasse Matthiessen’s sound is the meeting point between the timelessness and honesty of American-influenced folk and indie and the patience and beauty of contemporary Scandinavian music.

Spoon and the Forkestra
German indie-folk duo Spoon and the Forkestra are saturated by a wondrous nostalgia. Timo Zell’s delicate basslines gently dance around the fragile and powerful voice of Emily-Mae Lewis, who seems to be whispering her pictorial stories directly into their listeners’ ears. With Spoon & the Forkestra, folky elements meet psychedelia, and the freedom of punk meets the sensuality of jazz and soul in a musical embrace that feels both beautiful and on edge.

The Entrepreneurs
After touring extensively with their debut EP, Anders Hvass (bass), Mathias Bertelsen (vocals, guitar) and Jonas Wetterslev (drums) earned their persistent reputation as one of the fiercest live bands in Denmark, bringing their aesthetically rich and experimental take on some of rock’s most significant sub-genres like punk, grunge and post-rock to stages around Europe. Their latest album, Wrestler (2021), is cohesive and very human record – one that adds to the conversation of being a modern human being in constant contact with the world around us and in a continual process of looking inward.


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New Signing: Lasse Matthiessen and new single 'Dancing With Air'

Welcome to the Freibank family, Lasse.

Melancholy by trade and a songwriter of the non-conformist kind: Lasse Matthiessen leads us into the dark corners of the soul, stirs up the memories we too often repress and shows us what they’re worth. After all, pain is part of the deal if insights are to indicate a way forward and also be an inspiration.

The Dane, who took his first musical steps with the Copenhagen Boys' Choir, seems to draw on his personal experience. With success. Songs like 'When We Collided' or the deeply touching 'Tonight We Drink To Die' belong to that kind of musical poetry that almost effortlessly gets straight to the heart of things. On albums like 'Stray Dog' (2007) and 'Dead Man Waltz' (2012) Lasse Matthiessen already described that this is exactly where he feels at home.

His new EP 'Coordinates Remain' also follows this tack, but shows an enormous development both vocally and instrumentally, which naturally contributes to the intensity of the pieces.

The first single 'Dancing With Air' is out today.

Stay tuned for his new EP later this year!


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OUT: 'Nothing's Gonna Change' by Shuko, Lee Fields and Nia Wyn

Shuko has not only been releasing co-written works like Kanye West's 'Pure Souls' in the last weeks, but also tracks of his own.

This time he teamed up with US soul singer Lee Fields and UK newcomer Nia Wyn on his newest song 'Nothing's Gonna Change'. Nia Wyn has already worked with Shuko on his song 'I Ain't Finished Yet', that was released last September.

In early times, Fields had been nicknamed 'Little J.B.', since his voice and style resembled the one of James Brown - the godfather of soul. His works have also gained a wide popularity with current hip hop artists such as J. Cole and Travis Scott, who used samples of these works within their own songs.


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OUT: Kanye West's 'Pure Souls' co-written by Shuko, Tim Friedrich and Bastian Völkel

The biggest congratulations to Shuko, Tim Friedrich and Bastian Völkel on being part of the new album 'Donda' by Kanye West!

All three co-wrote the song 'Pure Souls', track 21 of 27 on the album.

'Pure Souls' is not just one of the strongest songs on 'Donda' according to us, but also a Billboard critic. They have ranked the 27 tracks, pushing 'Pure Souls' to no. 3 saying: "Another track, another five-star collaboration. [...] 'Pure Souls' features some quality writing from Yeezy as he spars with friendly enemy Drake by weaving 'Mob Ties' and 'God's Plan' into his rhymes, which is sure to grab the 6 God's attention heading into CLB."

Releasing the album on Sunday the 29th of August 2021, 'Donda' became the second-most streamed album within 24 hours on Spotify. On this day, the album was streamed nearly 100 Million times.

'Donda' also hit no. 1 on the album charts in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Italy, France and many more. In Germany, 'Donda' went straight to no. 4 on the album and no. 1 on the Hip Hop charts.


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OUT: First single 'Body On Mine' of upcoming EP

'Body on Mine' is Reece Lemonius' first installment of his new EP, coming this fall.
After taking time to craft his sound, Reece aims for soulful and driving dance vibes all across
styles - with great effect.

'Body On Mine' induces an instant good-mood with driving rhythms, involved in a
contemporary production, highlighted by his polished-yet-sensuous vocals.
Reece’s very first coop with Mike Perry on 'Talk About It' gained a stunning 75 million
streams on Spotify. Followed by his debut single 'Love Me' that gained over 50 million views
across several platforms and counting.

Reece Lemonius released his retro synth / dream pop EP 'Midnight' in early 2020 and
started building up his catalog ever since, cooperating with different artists like Max Lean
and Berlin based producer Sosa.


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OUT: 'Mary Lou' by Spoon and the Forkestra

With their new single 'Mary Lou', indie rock duo Spoon and the Forkestra announce their debut EP 'The Fondest Flinch', which will be out in October of this year. The song is an ode to hopeless love and cheerfully celebrates the people in life who we put on a pedestal out of unreflected

For the EP, Spoon and the Forkestra invited the best musicians they know into the studio -
just to get them to play their instruments like three-year-old kids. The result is 'Mary Lou', a
pounding, playful catchy tune somewhere between folk and punk.

In the music video for the song, Spoon and the Forkestra invite you to the heist. If Ocean’s 8
had been created by the directors of 500 Days of Summer - chaotic and megalomaniac like
the band themselves, there is only one goal: stealing Mary Lou from the museum.