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Francis Harris: Thresholds

Beginning with 2012’s 'Leland' New York artist Francis Harris has been doing a deep dive into the sonic swells and contrapuntal granularities that articulate our most abstract, and sometimes slowest moving, virtualities.

While previous albums, most notably 'Leland' and 'Minutes Of Sleep' (2014) as well as two albums released as one half of the duo Aris Kindt (most notably the stellar 'Swann and Odette' from 2017) have relied on singular thematic and narrative drives that were often of a personal, collaborative, or hermetic in nature, the upcoming new album 'Thresholds' is an album that aspires to sonic universality and the presentation of a fully formed psychoacoustical world.


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German post-punk band Die Arbeit announce their upcoming album 'Wandel'

Die Arbeit have released their newest single 'Wandel' via the German music online magazine Diffus.

'Wandel' is also the title track of their upcoming album, which will be released on the 8th of April 2022.

As Diffus Mag mentiones: The single brings the fans right back into the bands Cosmos - known to be oppressive, paranoid and edgy.

Initially, 'Wandel' the album was not planned. Die Arbeit released their debut 'Material' in 2020 and had planned to go on tour the same year. After only playing a hand full of shows, Corona crossed their paths and all plans had to be put on hold.

We are very much looking forward to this album!


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Shiraz Lane announce Europe tour in May

It seems the Gods of Rock N' Roll have been listening to our prayers - IT IS TIME TO TOUR!

Shiraz Lane will hit the venues around Europe with their friends from Crashdïet. It’s been a long time coming ever since they shared the stage for the first time four years ago.

WildFest in Belgium is still a part of their schedule. The line-up is awesome so get your tickets, hairspray and make-up ready because Shiraz Lane ARE COMING FOR YA!


04.05. - SE - Stockholm, Debaser Strand

06.05. - NO - Oslo, John Dee

08.05. - DK - Copenhagen, Pumpeheust

09.05. - SE - Gothenburg, Pustervik

12.05. - BE - Blizen, South of Heaven

13.05. - BE - Roselare, De Verlichte Geest

14.05. - NL - Rotterdam, Baroeg

15.05. - NL - Breda, Bel Air

17.05. - UK - Leeds, Key Club

19.05. - UK - Wolverhampton, Robin 2

20.05. - UK - Machynlleth, Lion

22.05. - UK - Edinburgh, Bannermans

25.05. - ES - Madrid, Caracol

26.05. - ES - Barcelona, Bóveda

28.05. - BE - Wildfest, Geraardsbergen, JC De Spiraal

30.05. - DE - Munich, Backstage

31.05. - DE - Cologne, Helios

02.06. - DE - Hamburg, Bahnhof Pauli

03.06. - DE - Berlin, Badehaus

04.06. - DE - Lichtenfels, Paunchy Cats

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Faust - Daumenbruch

This time the cast of characters returns to eight members, one more than the original lineup was previously in the days of Wümme.

Those members are Zappi Diermaier himself on drums, Elke Drapatz (Monobeat Original) on drum effects, Gunther Wüsthof on spieluhr/music box, Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM) on bass and guitar, Andrew Unruh & Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten) on guitar and loops on metal percussion, Uwe Bastiansen (Stadtfisch Flex) on guitar and samples, and Sonja Kosche on self-made instruments, harp and ventilator.

Every ʻvoiceʼ heard by each artist contributing to this incarnation of Faust is heard clearly. Instead of an amassing miasmic gurgle as of previous, each artist comes through with distinct individual voices that allow the listener to distinguish what each Musician is sonically responsible for in an unintended symphonic fashion.

'Daumenbruch' was released January 21st via Erototox Decodings.


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Credit 00: 'Data Phobia'

Credit 00 links back up with Berlin's Mechatronica, this time in their White series, to manifest a lawless mirage of digital dread, paranoid energy and hallucinatory desire.


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Wolfgang Tillmans: Moon In Earthlight

'Moon in Earthlight' describes the phenomenon one can see in the first few days after a New Moon, when the slim crescent of the moon is completed into a full circle by a faint light that is not lit by sunlight but by the light reflected from Earth. It is also the apt title for the first album from an artist whose first love was astronomy.

After 6 EPs over the course of 5 years, Wolfgang Tillmans now releases his first album, 'Moon in Earthlight', a singularly plural 53-minute piece comprised of 19 tracks.

A composition of multiplicities, Tillmans’ album debut is a collage of sounds, field recordings, words, studio jam sessions and live recordings, voice, soundscapes, and instrumentation scored with audible space to breathe along the way.

Like a phenomenon that marks time, 'Moon in Earthlight' is the shadow and the reflection, fifty-three minutes in time.


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RAZZ announce new album!

After 400 shows with some headliner tours and big festivals such as the Hurricane, Lollapalooza and Rock am Ring, Indie band RAZZ finally announce their third studio album that will be released 3rd of June!

Everything I'll Ever Need - A Short Film/Episode One is the first single, followed by Red & Blue - A Short Film/Episode Two, 'Lost In The Woods' and Since - A Short Film/Episode Three.

All music videos are episodes of a series, that at the end will complete a short film on it's own.


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Trentemøller announces new album!

The collection of songs on Trentemøller’s sixth studio album, 'Memoria', traverses some ground fans will find familiar, but also digs deeper into themes of transience, and various forms of continuance.

His latest single, 'No More Kissing In The Rain' gives the impression that it’s easier to find comfort in the darkness when it feels like particles of light are only moments away from assembling, perhaps divulging a bright secret.

'No More Kissing In The Rain' announces itself with an overture to a synth opera shot on supersaturated film. Warm waves of sweeping, lush pads soon land to make space for vocalist Lisbet Fritze’s tone-setting proclamation: “My dear, I am running out of time.”

The premiere of the music video is to happen on YouTube on Thursday, 13th of January at 8:00pm CET. Trentemøller will join the premiere and be available in the YouTube chat during the premiere and some short while afterwards.

Make sure to set your alarm!