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OUT: 'Dawn Is Mine' by Vilette

Villete aka Amsterdam based producer Anne Korteweg returns to Scissor and Thread with a brilliant new EP. Her debut 12" 'Girl Next Door' was released on Scissor and Thread in the fall of 2016 and sold out quickly. Now here with the new EP 'Dawn is Mine', we are treated to seven tracks of understated, floating beauty. On her new release she explores the more abstract sides of electronic music. Using a variety of synthesizers, she creates rich and lush sounding structures that continuously bend and flow loosely.


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OUT NOW: Thilo Schölpen - Across the Universe

'Across The Universe' is the third piano-solo album by Thilo Schölpen. Like the previous albums "kraftwerk-klavier" and "Piano Diary", this one also feeds on his affinity for the beatnik culture and for new wave, electronic and avant-garde music, with references to the world of pop.

With a light touch and yet hypnotic depth, his music takes you on a captivating journey where reggae meets wistful melodies and a slightly African rhythm reminiscent of Damon Albarn. Across the Universe is piano music that focuses not on the instrument, but on the composition.

Thilo Schölpen studied jazz piano at the Amsterdam Art School. As a pianist he is known for his solo concerts; as an experimental musician he performs in ensembles and as a soloist.
'Across The Universe' entered German Jazz Charts, highly acclaimed in german jazz press, they even call it an 'album of perfected architecture' (Jazzthetik).


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OUT: Atom™ & Tobias: 'Enne'.

Atom™ & Tobias bookend their Pomelo trilogy in style with 'Enne', final instalment of their three-part series that started with 'Cuando' and 'Zahlenraum' last year. The EPs three tracks span the breadth and depth of Atom™ & Tobias's hardware techno sessions. From the slow-burning and punishingly addictive title track, to the jacking, rattling TR-909 grooves of 'NHMS', and the sprawling widescreen dubs of 'Aux II', 'Enne' simultaneously celebrates the delicacy, immediacy, and unmitigated power of twirling synth lines, grumbling bass spirals, and pounding techno rhythms.

Out since October 22nd via Vienna-based Pomelo.


OUT: Giant Rooks release debut album 'Rookery'!

The long awaited debut album of Giant Rooks has finally arrived!

We are very excited and congratulate Giant Rooks and their entire team!

On the release day, the band have patnered up with to celebrate with their fans through a socially distanced live show. Giant Rooks will play at Tempodrom in Berlin, while Fans all around the world have a chance to stream this concert live at home.

Further information on this new kind of live experience and how to take part, can be found here.

Listen to 'Rookery' on Spotify.


OUT: Reece Lemonius releases first EP 'Midnight'

Lost and found between dusk and dawn… Reece Lemonius´ 'Midnight' EP is a look into the past with a nostalgic yet vibrant modern twist. He incorporates elements of alternative R&B, Funk, Soul and Melancholic Pop of days gone by.

Fading into the soundtrack of his own self-reflection, tech-noire phantasies and heartbreak scenarios… for a time that never was…

Like a summer night ride after watching 'The lost boys' at the Drive-in. Fueled with 80s synth spheres and classic guitars coming through the car speakers. Reece Lemonius hits the gas pedal with you in the passenger seat, singing you his poems with the volume of the radio cranked up while a robot with a sweet vocoder voice is whispering from the back seat.

Navigated by his soulful voice and guided by timeless and illusionary melodies you can let loose and enjoy the ride through this six and a half track creation… close your eyes, so you don't miss a single heartbeat of this very moment…

'Midnight' - a never-ending new beginning... out since June the 5th.

Listen to it on Spotify.


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OUT: 'Origin' by ELEFAN

ELEFAN is the project the bassist and keyboard player Brieuc and the music composer and pianist Lionel, founded in 2019. The two Brussels-based professional musicians have developed a neo-classic inspired style which is rich in textures, heavy storytelling compositions full of unorthodox twists and turns and cinematic soundscapes. Their music forms interactions between the fields of electronica and techno, combined with classic acoustic instruments. ELEFAN perform on stage and have already given several concerts in and around their hometown of Brussels.

After already having extracted 'Blurry' and 'Bells', Connaisseur finally present the full 'Origins' EP, including the two new titles 'Pavement' and 'Six'.

'Origin' was released May 25th via Connaisseur Recordings.


New partner: Welcome, Tambourhinoceros!

We would like to welcome our new danish partner Tambourhinoceros to our Freibank-Family!

Tambourhinoceros is a danish label and publisher for indie rock, indie pop and alternative rock based in Copenhagen. The two band members Kristoffer Rom and Aske Zidore of Oh No Ono founded Tambourhinoceros in 2009. As they are part of a huge independent community such as Merlin and the danish indie label trade organisation DUP, they were awarded with the Gaffa Award in 2011 and in 2016 were recognised as one of Europe's most inspiring young label by IMPALA and The Independen Echo for the FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN campaign.

Just to name a couple of wonderful artists within their roster. Have a look around and check out:

Molina, Efteklang, Rangleklods, Irah, Blondage and The New Spring.

We represent their repertoire in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


OUT: New video to 'Ten Grand Goldie' by Einstürzende Neubauten

Einstürzende Neubauten released their new single 'Ten Grand Goldie' on April the 3rd and announced their long-awaited album in twelve years. 'Alles in Allem' will be out on May the 15th this year and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band.

The video to their latest single 'Ten Grand Goldie' is out today at 3 p.m. CET. Have a look and a listen here.

For the first single 'Ten Grand Goldie', Blixa Bargeld put out a call live on camera to worldwide supporters, using telecommunications to talk with people in Norway, Italy, and the USA. “Which word in your language do you especially like? What was the last snippet of a sentence you overheard coming out of someone else’s mouth, whether or not the meaning was clear, or if the words were addressed to you?” The result is a song that pre-formulated the album epilogically, in which Bargeld’s text fragments and the callers’ answers got woven into a narrative. And so, “Ten Grand Goldie” enchantingly combines reflections on a city in transition with words borrowed from foreigners. Bargeld calls this process “harvesting.” He picks various things together and reprocesses them.

Go check out Einstürzende Neubauten and their entire back-catalogue on Spotify.