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'Café del Mar' interpretation by Milk & Sugar with Ibiza Symphonica

Munich producer duo Milk & Sugar have re-arranged legendary classics of the electronic club history. Together with the project Euphonica they created orchestral masterpieces of unique sound and fantastic radiance, interpreted by the Munich Symphonic Orchestra.

For this innovative album, the producers chose unforgotten Ibiza-Hits and Energy 52's 'Café Del Mar' is one of them.

The 1993 track became one of the most popular trance songs in the world. It's dozens of remixes appeared on hundreds of compilation albums. In April 2011, the song was voted number one by BBC Radio 1 listeners in Pete Tong's Top 20 Dance Tracks of the last 20 years.

Released March 5th, 2021 via Warner Classic


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Mona Mur soundtrack for Monika Treut film 'Genderation'

'Genderation' is premiering at this year's Berlinale!

Monika Treut's Film new film Genderation (the follow-up on their 1999 film 'Gendernauts') has been selected for the Panorama section at this year's Berlinale - showing from March 1-5!

The soundtrack has been provided by Mona Mur.

The title track 'Venus' also announces her re-release of her first full album 'Mona Mur' (1988), she created with legendary Stranglers musicians JJ Burnel and Dave Greenfield on their compound in beautiful and enchanted East-Anglia. did a great review on the upcoming album! 

It will be out in summer 2021 via Playloud. Pre-order the album here.


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OUT: Danielle de Picciotto - 'The Element Of Love'

Danielle de Picciotto’s third solo album 'The Element of Love' was released on Valentine’s Day 2021 by Broken Clover Records, San Francisco, via 12” vinyl LP and digital download.

Her compositions are a mixture of spoken word, electronic soundscapes and melancholic violin harmonies moving from experimental sounds to mystical melodies. Her album reflects the broken heart of our society, which has almost destroyed our planet thanks to corruption but also reminds us, that: “We who fly to the moon and have Einstein’s theory, Truly underestimate our own glory.”

'The Element of Love' is out since February 14th, 2021 via California-based Broken Clover Records.


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New signing: Spoon And The Forkestra

Coming from a rehearsal room lit by fairy lights and surrounded by the intimate tranquility of the night, Spoon And The Forkestra musically roam messy woods and enchanted flat-share-kitchens. They are recounting bedtime stories about sleepless nights and secret sentiments before hand in hand shouting at foreign walls.

It is a wonderous nostalgia that surrouds the young duo consisting of a girl from Hamburg and a boy from Mannheim. Timo Zell’s delicate basslines gently dance around the fragile yet powerful voice of Emily-Mae Lewis who seems to be whispering her metaphorical stories directly into their listeners’ ears. Folky elements meet psychedelic melancholia, the freedom of Punk encounters the sensuality of Jazz and Soul music. We are experiencing a musical embrace - both slightly beautiful and a little gnawing at the same time; a reverberating kind of intensity stimulating awareness for the long-gone.

When on stage, Spoon And The Forkestra turn it into a playroom - as the two of them or along with drummer John Winston Berta as a trio. They musically elevate themselves to the highest spheres just to make everything fall into shivering silence in an instant.


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Klaus Maecks' documentary 'Love Songs' about Einstürzende Neubauten now available on demand!

"You often have to shout for a long time so that people can enjoy the silence afterwards."
FM Einheit, 1993

First released in 1993, this documentary highlights the band's first creative phase, from the recording of the first single by Blixa Bargeld and N.U. Unruh under a motorway bridge (1980) to the last tour with the early line-up with FM Einheit, Mark Chung and Alexander Hacke (1993).

Based on interviews with all band members and with companions, videos and rare archive footage, the film shows the enormous worldwide influence of the band and proves the opposite to all those who associate Einstürzende Neubauten only with deafening noise. The protagonists take us on a journey through time, into the hollow space under a Berlin motorway slip road, where the band's history began in 1980, and other historical hotbeds of their tonal journey, and reveal amusing anecdotes from the band's then 13-year history.

Blixa Bargeld explains to us the odd title of the documentary and his method of writing lyrics. N.U. Unruh takes us to his big storage room full of self-constructed drum kit parts and sound bodies, Alexander Hacke to the hollow water tower at Gleisdreieck to demonstrate its unique sound. Long-time companions and supporters, including the writer Heiner Müller, also have their say in the documentary. This band portrait is complemented with brilliant live recordings of the last tour with this original line-up.

Available on Amazon, Google and Maxdome!


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OUT: Alter- Vol. 2 by Viatorism

Alter- Vol. 2 is the continuation of the Alter- album by Automatisme published in mid 2020.

Viatorism is a duo of the producers Automatisme (William Jourdain) and Pheek (Jean-Patrice Rémillard). Their album entitled Alter- Vol. 2 is the continuation of the Alter- album by Automatisme published in mid 2020. The tracks are inspired by the writings of art theorist and critic Nicolas Bourriaud on the concept of altermodernism which reflects on the globalization and the saturation of time and space. They apply the concept of altermodernism to the temporality and the space of the electronic glitch and dub techno music to create generative rhythms and ambiences.

The album is also related to Ultrablack music series from the record label Mille Plateaux which experiments with the non-representation. It experiences an in-between and a nameless non-representation in which other temporalities can emerge. We meet there an uncontrollable music. is a dynamic structure that manifests sound productions that never finishes and that produces multiple versions of the tracks.


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New signing: The OhOhOhs

"With their four hands pianist Florian Waeldele and drummer Florian Dressler create a remarkable, quasi-orchestral depth of sound.

The OhOhOhs (formerly aka The Oh!chestra) play concertante, contemporary club music with a minimal set-up. With a degree in performance and composition and a specialisation in piano, Florian Waeldele composes the majority of their music, which now and then is inspired by the grand masters. His namesake Florian Dressler, the percussionist of the duo, continues to expand his rhythmic horizon learning from a variety of teachers. This project unifies their passion for classical music and percussion, as well as the aesthetics of the electronic dance scene from which they both originate. By using a grand piano (or electronic piano) and a percussion set – a rather unusual and rare combination – occasionally adding samples, The OhOhOhs create "a remarkable, virtually orchestral sonority." (Stereoplay)

Their debut album Vierhaendig (four-handed) is made of twelve original compositions, alongside an electronically-rhythmised interpretation of Beethoven’s final allegro movement of the moonlight sonata, revived a broadly positive response from critics (also in the classical field) and fans.

Thanks to the intersection of the projects and a fusion of the two, an array of future possibilities can be expected by expanding existing sounds with synthesisers and electronics opening up new, manifold possibilities and soundscapes.

The duo creates music for theatre plays (schauspielfrankfurt, andcompany&co, wunschmaschinen, Guenes-Theater) and create soundtracks for special occasions like the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s '2001: A Space Odyssey' (Deutsches Filmmuseum) or 'Shoulder Arms' by Charlie Chaplin.


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OUT: '1969 - Conrad' by RAZZ

After three years of musical self-discovery, the band Razz presents '1969-Conrad', the first single since the release of their second studio album 'Nocturnal'.

More than ever, their sound world shows a stylistic complexity with which they outgrow themselves - from a play between organic sound worlds and spherical synths arise those captivating melodies that form the DNA of Razz.

Written at times when fake news are unsettling ever larger parts of society, the song expresses a feeling of powerlessness: “It's terrifying to see how some people rely on dubious sources without questioning them and being casted under the spell of conspiracy theories. The fact that a virus can be so divisive is scary. Cohesion and trust in science definitely make more sense than ignorant egoism and tendentious scare tactics”, says singer Niklas Keiser.

Razz were just around fifteen years old when they decided to make music together in 2012. In 2015 they released their debut album 'With Your Hands We Conquer', followed by their second album 'Nocturnal' in 2017. With shows at well-known festivals such as Lollapalooza, Rock am Ring and the Hurricane Festival, and their own international headline tours as well as support shows for bands like Mando Diao, Kraftklub and Bloc Party, Razz developed into one of the most exciting indie bands on the German music scene.

After three years of silence, Razz releases new music and the single '1969-Conrad' is just the beginning.