new single by Ida Kudo!

Freibank author Paul Brenning teamed up with Ida Kudo for 'Paradise'.

Half Japanese, half Danish electro pop artist Ida Kudo who released her debut EP 'Gold' in 2018, followed by Born In The Sun earlier this year has now teamed up with Freibank author Paul Brenning (Pari San, Acoustic Instinct) for the beautiful single Paradise.


Ida Kudo is original published by our Danish partner Nordic Music Society. Freibank adminsters publishing within G/S/A.



New signing: Das Neu

Welcome to Freibank, DAS NEU!


You can find DAS NEU inbetween political and social chaos, technology and an ever changing way of communication within the world wide web. The band members grew up as part of a digital generation, who are influenced by any kind of music and bored by the repeating topics of the lyrical input of current german hip hop acts of 2019. They try to free their minds and rethink those themes.


In their first single 'Lovestream' they talk about the social media addiction of every day life and intertwine the aesthetic and usage of the different platforms.

Have a listen or watch the video to 'Lovestream'. Now!



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'Potential For Havoc' is out!

Burnt Friedman recorded an EP for London-based LMD Recordings.

"The singular musician and producer has recorded a new EP for the label which will released in October on vinyl only next month. The EP see's him take a distinctive step forwards into the realm of club focussed material with the release built up of a carefully comprised assortment of leftfield house, drum & bass, dub and outsider percussion.

Titled 'Potential For Havoc' the EP marks a new chapter in a lengthy career which has seen Bernd Friedmann release music on a wide array of record labels such as Honest Jons, Dekmantel, Bright Sounds, Latency and many more. He has also released a prolific array of material on his own Nonplace label which continues to showcase the experimental fringes of electronic music and beyond." (words: RAN$OM NOTE)

Davide Squillace of Techno supergroup, Better Lost Than Stupid (Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann) recently stated in The Sun: 'In my opinion, he’s probably one of the most underrated artists on the planet. The way he uses Western and Easter rhythms is a unique blending of who he is; it’s almost impossible to pin him down to a genre or style. His obsession with rhythmical structure is what I would say makes him a true master of our time.'


Out since October 7th via LMD Recordings.



Giant Rooks are most anticipated newcomer!

Congratulation to Giant Rooks who won the price for the most anticipated newcomer "Hoffnungsvollster Newcomer" in 2019 at the Preis für Popkultur on October the 2nd. They ran against artists such als Ilgen-Nur, Alli Neumann, Mia Morgan and OG Keemo.

Giant Rooks are heading on their next tour through Europe in spring 2020. We are excited for them and are looking forward to their journey in 2020.

Information on Preis für Popkultur: It is a german music price that was first presented 2016. It takes place in the Tempodrom in Berlin and is given only to music produced in the german speaking countries. The jury consists out of more then 800 people working in the music industry and who form the association Verein zur Förderung der Popkultur e.V. (Source: Preis für Popkultur)

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Freibank and hfn are teaming up again for RPF 19!

Join us to celebrate the 3rd edition of our freihfn showcase at this year's Reeperbahn Festival!


After the great success of last year's event, we are delighted to return for the 3rd edition of freihfn showcase 2019 featuring four great acts set to kick off on Friday evening the 20th of September.


Blaue Blume (hfn music) will open the showcase with highly emotional art pop (8 pm)! Finally back on stage, the band will be celebrating the world live premieres of their new singles and more! Following up, Ida Kudo (original publisher is our Danish partner NMS) is presenting her energetic ethno-electro pop. Lydmor will play exclusive acoustic versions of her known songs and also premier 'LSD Heart' right on its release day! GENTS, brought to us by our second Danish partner Crunchy and who who are soon to release their new album 'Human Connection', will close the event with catchy spa pop. Four acts that you should not miss!


Save the date on our Facebook event.

20.09.2017, freihfn - St Pauli Museum

08:00pm Blaue Blume

09:10pm Ida Kudo

10:20pm Lydmor

11:30pm Gents


Looking forward to seeing you all!

Better Lost Than Stupid: 'Wild Slide'

The techno supergroup has just dropped their debut album on Skint Records!


'Wild Slide' is the debut album from Better Lost Than Stupid, aka three of the world’s finest producers and DJs - Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann.

Electronic music underpins 'Wild Slide', but Better Lost Than Stupid look beyond it with a varied collection of songs that combine synth-pop, electronica, indie rock and downtempo, with the kind of euphoric techno moments they're individually known for.

'Wild Slide' shows that the comparisons made between Better Lost Than Stupid and stadium techno acts like The Chemical Brothers and Underworld, stand up. The production quality is every bit as good as you'd expect from the 3 and the songs have been crafted and written by three people who've spent their lives making music and then playing it to hundreds of thousands of people.


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“Futuro anteriore / Presente continuo”: 'Aphàiresis'

'Aphàiresis' is a series of video music works that investigates the relationship between Materiality and Immateriality, between Presence and Metaphysics.


1)The most subversive and contemporary creative gesture, witnessing the Human Presence, can be the creative control of error, the controlled deviation of the numerical series in a dimension in which the human presence contributes to curving time, to grafting a colour into a sound, a cinematographic image into an aseptic texture, a musical sequence in the background of a tree, in a slower time, purified and richer in meaning.

2)We must occasionally remind the dust (aphar) that it was once man and immortal matter. A vibrant and pulsating presence anxieties. Uncertain whisper and accurate and imperfect “silere”. Fear of glances at the announcement and the contraction of the day. For always and again the shattered appears to us with each discolouring. Always and again we propose ourselves in the "nembi" 's molecular colours . It is felt more intense far away, where the lenses barely perceive the dense breath of other universes. It insuffles itself decisively and, by leaps and bounds, it infiltrates into our poor houses and bodies. A little sparkles out in the open and soothes in the sacred enclosure of dreams. Perhaps this is why a piercing pain resonates in the hollow organs and reverberates inadvertently. And so it is worthwhile to step aside and listen to one another on the sidelines. Let yourself be traversed by flows and be disoriented by sounds.


'Aphàiresis' by Gianluca Iadema is out since September 13th via Mille Plateaux/ Force Inc.


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rRoxymore announces long-anticipated debut album!

'Face To Phase' is scheduled for release September 27th via Don't Be Afraid.

'Face To Phase, was born of rRoxymore's annual creative hibernation practice. Whereas her previous appearances for Don't Be Afraid - 'Thoughts Of An Introvert' Parts 1 & 2 - revealed inner worlds of saturated colour and natural expressiveness, she retreated into her studio at the turn of winter 2018 occupied with the idea of dismantling the dancefloor-centric pressure paradigm.


The resulting album, 'Face to Phase', finds rRoxymore methodically and mindfully stripping back to fundamentals: rumbling minimalist dub, sparse polymetric drums, boldy unpredictable melodic narratives and subtleties which hover out-of-reach or disappear into vapour. Forged by the spirit of club music cultures, 'Face To Phase' favours deep listening; resisting the temptation to reflect on the past or project towards the future, it's an album that is firmly rooted in the contemporary.