Nomination for 'Donda' as 'Album Of The Year' and 'Best Rap Album' at Grammy Awards 2022

We are very excited for our authors Christoph Bauss, Tim Friedrich and Bastian Voelkel on receiving a Grammy nomination. Their co-written work 'Pure Souls' is part of the tracklist of Kanye West's (now known as Ye) album 'Donda' that has a good chance on becoming 'Album Of The Year' and/or 'Best Rap Album' at the Grammy's 2022. Congratulations!

The Freibank teams fingers are crossed until the 3rd of April 2022!

Grammy Nomination List

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Wolfgang Tillmans - Can't Escape Into Space

Both regulars of the club, arts and queer scenes of New York, Berlin and London of the last three decades, it's surprising Wolfgang Tillmans and Honey Dijon only met five years ago. A walk between clubs in Brooklyn resulted in the two having a mutual interest to collaborate. Busy as both are, the wait was long, but well worth it. This week's release of Honey Dijon's Euphoria Mix of 'Can't Escape into Space' sets the tone for what is left of this summer: Our desire to be together, with friends and strangers, close up on dancefloors, festivals and open airs. Honey's and Wolfgang's shared unapologetic spirit comes alive as Dijon transforms Tillmans's original song into an electrifying dance floor banger. As we can already sense a reawakening of our freedom blowing in the air, even if many clubs remain closed, the two musicians' call to come together again is euphoric and inescapable.

The original version of the song was released last winter in the midst of lockdown, accompanied by a video showing an empty nightclub and its mirror balls performing for the camera, filmed in 2017 by Tillmans, in pre-pandemic Fire Island. A new video accompanies Honey Dijon's Euphoria mix with three vignettes of longing and passion.


Tobias. - Hall ov Fame

“I have movies in my head” describes Tobias Freund the source that inspired his new album to fill it with a fantastic life of its very own. Consequently, each of the eight tracks represents a scene out of a fictitious short film, some of them with a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere while others appear light and hopeful on the screen of imagination. What they have in common is an adventurous spirit that is inherent in and played out by three main characters: repetitive electronic and acoustic patterns, voices from far away and field recordings of obscured origin.

All the episodes combined introduce this 'Hall Ov Fame' as a psyche-cinematic event which resonates with “ambience in its natural shades” to evoke the whole range of sensations that make a proper, suspenseful mind movie.


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Richard Ojijo - RO_MO_20

Richard Ojijo’s music for the films of german video artist Marcel Odenbach not only underscores and accentuates the imagery and motion, but also serves to propel the narrative too. The compositions are auditory distillations of the visual and create a synergy between music and image that draws the observer ever deeper.

With Odenbach’s and Ojijo’s collaboration now entering its 3rd decade, Ojijo was recently inspired to revisit and remix some of the themes contained within the extensive body of work.

As a studio and recording engineer, his clients have included the likes of Cody ChesnuTT,Selah Sue, Samy Deluxe and Patrice. He has been teaching the ‘Sound & Effects’ module at the Institute for Pop Music at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Bochum since 2015, where he provides insights into new soundscapes.

RO_MO_20 was released via Magazine/KOMPAKT on 26th of November

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OUT: 'Coordinates Remain' EP by Lasse Matthiessen

While the world was closed down and the musical landsacape was covered in silence, Lasse Matthiessen went on the only long trip that made sense for an incarnated melancholic.

The route went back in time and down the memory lane: Past his old school in Copenhagen, where he sang in Copenhagen's Boys' Choir, to his home in the middle of the now Copenhagen hipstar paradies 'Nørrebro', where he grew up and beat his first drum set - powered his first guitar. To Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where he, as a frequently touring musician, has built up a large and loyal concert audience over the past years.

And then Lasse Matthiessen arrived. Until the defining moments of his life disguised as an adult. Time and impact points that made the blood pump and the heart gallop - maybe even burst. A rave in Rome, a ballroom in Bordeaux and a break-up in much-loved Berlin, where he has lived and played through days and weeks, months and years.

When Lasse Matthiessen released 'When We Collided' a handful of years ago, he really got knocked through for radio waves and concert organizers. The highly catchy track has been streamed more than 890,000 times, and its folky DNA has since been regarded as his signature sound among bookers, colleagues and newcomers, not to forget.

That is changing now. 'Coordinates Remain' is thus a breakthrough. The EP is his most thoroughly produced and effect-bearing release to date, and it has been created in close collaboration with the Stockholm-based producer Joakim Buddee.
"Joakim has a more commercial and electronic point of view, while with my deep voice and a more complex genre background I contribute with the almost diametrically opposite. In practice, it has taken a lot of time to find exactly the expression that I wanted and could see myself in, but the mission has succeeded. I have allowed myself to listen to myself in some new contexts, what was the ambition for the collaboration."

On 'Rome' the bass and a simple beat plays, while Lasse Matthiessen's power-manipulated mahogany voice digs deep into the soundscape. From there, the intensity rises and ends in a graceful commotion.
And the experiments doens’t stop there. At 'Colors', work has been done with both close microphone and vocal techniques, so that the singing voice almost turns black in a restrained breath, while it is sampled on' Rome and becomes an underlying melody.
"A lot of tools have come into use that I would have found terrible just a few years ago, so Joakim and I have really looked for new ways."


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Atom™ - Sex Tape

Things came otherwise, hence here it is. No further words will accompany this work.


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New Ensemble Du Verre album out soon!

Nora Becker is the vocal star that has risen above Ensemble Du Verre. After two guest contributions on the E.D.V. albums Rooms (2016) and Jet-Black Notebook (2019), the Hamburg singer has become a permanent member of the ensemble and floats through the five songs on the EP 'Lightning Bugs' with her beguiling, soulful voice.

When trying to give the space-exploring songs a style label, the term urban avant-garde perhaps hits it best. Pop and electronica, jazz, R'n'B and classical songwriting merge together, turn off the mainstream road and lead the listener into an area where artists and creatives live and work. There you find both small dark spaces where only fireflies give light and wide, shining plains where people do their mindfulness exercises. Residents and visitors discuss their issues and are in search of inspiration and revelation.


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Blixa Bargeld: Der Rhythmus der Maschinen

On the final single from their fourth studio album, ‘Bright Magic’, London art-rock group Public Service Broadcasting feature German spoken word from Blixa Bargeld, best known for being a member of the band Einstürzende Neubauten and a founding member of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.