New signing: Madsius Ovanda

We are very delited to welcome these two women from Madsius Ovanda into our Freibank-Family!

Madsius Ovanda consist of the two friends Carina Madsius and Pia Ovanda who started to formation 2016. Since then, they have been making music together, played a couple of gigs and now have decided to release their debut album at the beginning of 2020. Their single 'Moving Forward' and video give us a first climpse of the R'n'B and soul vibe they have created. The online magazine Diffus Mag has a high level of appreaciation for the song and describe it as dreamy R'n'B with english lyrics that for sure can be keep up with international productions of this genre.

After the release of the second and third singles 'Home' and 'Who Are You', Past Is Past just came out today as the last single before the album release on the 6th of March through popup-records!



#1 in Germany! 'Kein Wort' co-written by Shuko and Luca Starz

Our authors Shuko and Luca Starz have been part of the team co-writing the current single by the german rapper Juju and Loredana!


'Kein Wort' was released on the 17th of January 2020 and hit #1 on the german single charts straight away. The song also celebrates a new streaming record by being the most streamed song (2,3 million) on one day by a female artist. The video is also on a good way to hit 10 million streams in the next few hours.

Congrats to Shuko and Luca on their #1!


Trentemøller's 'Silent Night'

We wish you a great holiday and all the best for 2020!


Hello, this is Trentemøller.

I have genuinely loved Christmas since I was a little boy.

And I always wanted to do my own version of one of the great Christmas songs.

I chose Silent Night as it has such a beautiful melody that, for me, sums up the whole vibe of Christmas.

Originally it was a lullaby and since I became a dad, 'Silent Night' made so much sense to me especially as it's my girlfriend Lisbet Fritze who sings on it.

On the cover it’s me with my mom one Christmas night many years ago.

I hope you like my take on the song and may I wish you the very merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years and thank you so very much for letting me spend this Christmas with you.



new signing: Voiski

We are thrilled to announce, that we've signed French Techno DJ & producer Luc Kheradmand aka Voiski!

In a time when the techno world often can give the impression of “the harder, the better”, Voiski has a different approach. He is not afraid to admit he wants his music and DJ-sets to contain groove. Coming from an art school background (something that continuously keeps informing his work as a musician), he is one of the most analytical constructive artists on the scene, well aware of his own process, continuously examining it as he goes further.

Famous for his uninterrupted loops, whether they are part of more intense techno tracks, straight up electro-pieces, or his recent productions that carry a more gentle approach. The element of repetition is ongoing through his catalogue, creating a direct link to the minimalistic classical composers of the 60's.

Prestigious labels like Construct Re-Form, L.I.E.S., Delsin, Dekmantel and Field Records are just a handful of the ones showcasing his work.



Out: 'Round And Round'

Matthias Tanzmann has released his third full length album!


Always staying one step ahead of the game, Matthias Tanzmann is back with a new album that breaks the traditional model. Entitled 'Round And Round' and due on his own mighty label Moon Harbour, the record came out track by track over the course of autumn and winter 2019.

'Round And Round' comes three years after 'Momentum', Tanzmann’s last album. This third full length is a more widescreen overview of his entire career and comes just after he was nominated, for the sixth time, as the Best Tech House DJ in the annual Ibiza DJ Awards.

'Round And Round' is an autobiographical album informed by another busy year of gigs at major festivals around the world, his famous Circoloco residency at DC10 and further Ibiza gigs everywhere from ANTS to Elrow to Music On. September also saw the release of the Better Lost Than Stupid album 'Wild Slide', a collaborative work with pals Davide Squillace and Martin Buttrich that shows that decades after first starting out, Tanzmann is still very much at the forefront of the global underground scene.



'New Breed' by James BKS feat. Q-Tip, Idris Elba & Little Simz

The new single 'New Breed' by James BKS was released on the 15th of November with a variety of featured artists such as Little Simz, Idris Elba and Q-Tip.


As James says, the formation “proudly represent the New Breed movement, a different way to approach music with no borders, no judgment, no labels. We have learned from our past mistakes and victories and our eyes are on Africa, while in the meantime we embrace our own personal paths, respectively in the UK for Little Simz and Idris Elba, in the US for Q-Tip, and in France for me.”


The single is a accompanied by an animated Video directed by Stevie Gee and Essy May we can't get enough of.



New release: 'African Paradigm' by Mr Raoul K

The Afro House pioneer completed his first album for Compost Records.


After having left the Ivory Coast, Raoul Konan N'Dah Kouassi aka Mr Raoul K first set foot on German soil with his twin brother in 1992 and chose Hamburg to be his new home. Hamburg is also where he first got in touch with the aesthetic vibe of house

& techno music that was played at the local clubs, after which he was immediately sold: these nightly experiences resulted in a steep turn in his career.

Now being considered as one of the pioneers of Afro House, it took Mr Raoul K more than three years of work inside and outside the studio to complete his first album for Compost Records. His first goal was to show all the musical influences he came across during his time in Ivory Coast. His second goal was to share his view on Africa through his music, making 'African Paradigm' a political album as well.

Today Raoul has proven his production and DJ talents throughout the world, having performed at major venues and his music is being played by other prominent artists and he remains devoted to his passion - continually renewing the world of music and its definition while staying true to his roots and values.


Freibank teamed up with Turbo Recordings!

representing artists such as Dean Grenier & Pilo, R.O.S.H., Madame, Dimitri Veimar, Vakkuum, Viers...


Turbo Recordings was founded by Tiga in Montréal back in 1998. In addition to launching his own career, the label has been integral in the success of many acts and a host of new young producers in genres ranging from pure techno, electro, and house to pop.

The list of artists who have released music on the label is a veritable 'who's who' of top-level talent spanning a broad musical range, and this, along with a commitment to beautiful design, has earned the label respect in the industry and a cult following among fans.