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Haiyti - Legend In The Making!

Hardest working, but also one of the most interesting German artists of our time - trap or pop, gangster or girlie - Haiyti delivers!

Now she teamed up, with one of our most recent signings for 'Robbery Is Back' - Chrome artist Sosa!

'Robbery Is Back' is the first track after the intro and was composed and produced by Haiyti & Sosa out of a session, a dirty and rough trap beat supporting story and vibe of the song.

Sosa teamed up with us and our partners from JESUS IS WAITING in early 2021.

Born in Berlin, to Ghanaian parents, Sosa benefited from multicultural music influences.

He explored the rhythms of West Africa and Central Europe as a teenage drummer and perfected his unique style of blending them as a DJ. As a producer, Sosa is an experimental alchemist capable of translating the pulse of night-life culture into captivating music. He is currently working on his originals.

Haiyti 2018 received the ECHO in the category 'National Critics' Prize'. DER SPIEGEL described their album 'Sui Sui' as "one of the greatest German rap-pop albums of recent years“. She was rewarded by the German this year's 'Deutscher Musikautorenpreis' for best lyrics in hip-hop and was awarded by German collecting society GEMA. Haiyti recently released her first album of the year - 'Mieses Leben'.



1145 artists sign petition against german copyright bill

1145 Künstler*innen haben einen Brief an die Abgeordneten des Deutschen Bundestages adressiert: "Das Entsetzen hat kein Ende"

Die bisher geplante Umsetzung der europäischen DSM - Richtlinie unterminiert im deutschen Gesetzentwurf alles, wofür gekämpft wurde.

Hier der Brief und die Unterzeichner*innen in voller Länge.

Wir lassen uns nicht bagatellisieren! Gegen Eingriffe in künstlerische Freiheiten zu Gunsten global operierender Digitalkonzerne!

#Yes2Copyright #Urheberrecht #ueber1100

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Blixa Bargeld features on new Modeselektor EP

Modeselektor’s new Extended mixtape consists of 27 previously unreleased tracks, and while the Berlin duo of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary do want those tunes to be heard within the context of the mix, they’ve also decided that it wouldn’t be right to keep all of those tracks to themselves. Over the next few months, the pair will be releasing a series of EPs, each one built around a different Extended highlight.

First up is the 'Mean Friend' EP, and though the manic, synth-fueled gallop of the title track headlines the package, Modeselektor have also cooked up a number of alternate versions.

The track 'Komm' includes a spooky vocal turn from Einstürzende Neubauten frontman and former Bad Seeds member Blixa Bargeld.


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OUT: Ensemble Du Verre - 'Scenes'

Scenes is the score for a movie that has never been made. The music evokes the pictures in the listener's phantasy. Scenes of a movie of it's own. Ensemble Du Verre's music has always been sounding cinematic, so their next step was to intentionally moving towards this direction and explore how E.D.V. score music would be sounding like.

Once rough, then tender, acoustic, electronic, noisy and then clear again.

Scenes overcomes the gap between the genres - Jazz, Hip-Hop, elektronic, psychedelic and pop. Music for the utopia of a movie where anything can happen.

'Scenes' is digitally out since November 27th, 2020 via Batterie. Physical release tbd!


New signing: Bjarke Sørensen

That Chicc And Barks IV is a collaboration between Berlin based producer Bjarke Sørensen aka Barks and Atlanta based singer Kali J.

Between them their songs have been used by some of the biggest brands in the world including Google Pixel, Samsung, Pepsi, Sony Xperia, Coca Cola, Nestle, Bose, Milka, DeWalt and many, many more as well as countless movies and TV shows.

Kali’s style is often described as a mix of Meghan Trainor’s sass, Sofi Tukker’s swagger and her own dash of confidence. Bark's production style is an upbeat blend of contemporary and oldschool. Debut EP 'Volume 1' is out on Bjarke's very own Deadly Tune Records on April 2nd.


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Max Lean feat. Reece Lemonius - 'Down'

Born and raised in Brussels, the german DJ & Producer Max Lean with more then 20 Million streams on Spotify created together with the singer/songwriter shooting star form Wales, Reece Lemonius a new and beautiful Dance-Pop-Anthem called 'Down'. The song got released on the Berlin label Up All Night under the distribution of Universal Music. The Song already got huge feedback on all streaming plattforms and is peacking right now with more then 10k streams a day. So one more reason to check this banger out…

'Down' was released March 19th, 2021 (Up All Night)

Reece Lemonius also recently teamed up with Uplink for With Me. The song had an appearance in the 5th season of Fox series 'Lucifer'.


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Rhonda - 'Santa Barbara (Reworked)'

If it’s nice, play it twice! Exactly one year ago Rhonda released their most successful single 'Santa Barbara', meanwhile the song has gathered over 1.5 million streams on Spotify.

To mark the one-year anniversary and just in time for their performance at the International Music Festival at the Elbphilharmonie in May, Rhonda are releasing an alternative version of the song: 'Santa Barbara (Reworked)'. The new version enters a sonic world that is new to Rhonda. The modern pop production exudes a yearning atmosphere. 'Santa Barbara (Reworked)' sounds melancholic and enigmatic, yet the song remains catchy like the original.

Out since March 26th, 2021 via popup-records


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OUT: 'Not A Day' by Patrice x Ezhel

Reggae is a form of protest music. On 'Not a Day' the versatile Turkish artist Ezhel joins forces with Sier-ra Leonean German reggae icon Patrice.

'Not a Day goes by without a fight' sing the artists on the hook, underlined by the words no love for bad energy. The struggle is real, yet these two are in for the good fight, which feels incredibly important these days that challenge the hope for so many.

Join the two chatting on Patrice's Youtube page at 11:55 pm CET for the video premier of 'Not A Day'.

The video for the single was directed by Baris Aladag, renowned for short movies and a history of charting music videos, its set design is symbolic to our ongoing isolation. But there is hope in that too – we'll see.