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Frank & Tony - Dream Vibration

Frank & Tony drop their new Dream Vibration EP some 5 years after their last outing as a duo with the much-celebrated 'Odes' EP.

Having teased the full release with two upfront tracks - 'Time Out Of Mind' and Timmy Regisford’s masterful instrumental rework of 'Stretch Out Like The World', we now get to enjoy the full package.

Title track 'Dream Vibration' kicks off with a lazy breakbeat, floating, barely-there chord washes and eventually and slowly reveals a thick, low kick and deep sub to drive things along. Frank & Tony’s original version of 'Stretch Out Like The World' features Eliana Glass on vocals - a melancholic but tough track that exudes a classic in the making. Timmy Regisford’s vocal mix amps up the percussion to create a hypnotic club jam idea for an early morning Shelter dancefloor.

'Dream Vibration' is out since June 10th via Scissor & Thread.


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Tim Engelhardt - Follow EP

Tim Engelhardt returns to Poker Flat Recordings for the first time since his 'First Contact' release in 2020.


In the meantime the German producer and DJ has been gracing other fine labels such as Stil Vor Talent and Watergate Records, but Poker Flat is delighted to welcome back his distinctive deep and effecting approach to tech house with his new EP 'Follow'.

'Follow' is a highly musical track - the live-sounding drums give it a motorik feel, while the bubbling synths and melancholic, jazzy keys bring an element of depth and sophistication. 'Burning' is a techier cut, with a thick, rounded bass and some of Tim’s trademark tension building synth lines.

Follow' was released June 3rd via Poker Flat Recordings - the perfect soundtrack for the festival season.


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Shiraz Lane: 'Disconnect From The Matrix'

On 'Disconnect From The Matrix' Shiraz Lane continue to showcase the mood of the upcoming album, which we think is slightly darker, more experimental yet catchy and 100% Shiraz Lane. The lyric combines old and modern, mixing and matching apocalyptic themes of The Four Horsemen to a digital age lobotomy. Leaving us with a hopeful message of overcoming our pitfalls by disconnecting from all of it.

'Disconnect From The Matrix' was released via Finnish label Ranka Kustannus May 27th. The band's third full-length album 'Forgotten Shades Of Life' will be out August 12th.


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Wolfgang Tillmans - Insanely Alive Remixes

Fresh from the release of his recent debut album 'Moon in Earthlight', Wolfgang Tillmans drops 'Insanely Alive' with remixes by the legendary Pet Shop Boys alongside producer Total Freedom, in a collaboration with Sami Baha.

Tillmans, a life-long fan of the Pet Shop Boys, directed the music video for their 2002 single 'Home And Dry', and contributed the cover artwork for the third iteration of their remix series 'Disco 3'. In 2015, Tillmans met Ashland Mines aka Total Freedom for the first time at Mike Q's club night at Escuelita in New York. Earlier that year, Tillmans had researched the DJ and producer's tracks for 'Playback Room', his sound installation focusing on the sounds of American producers.

For this remix single, Tillmans invited both the Pet Shop Boys and Total Freedom to put their hands on the catchiest song of his album, resulting in a classic Pet Shop Boys Maxi Mix, an additional Radio Edit and Total Freedom's pulsating rework of 'Insanely Alive'.

Released May 20th through Tillmans' very own Fragile.


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Alexander Hacke - BORSIGWERKE - The Complete Recordings of Alexander von Borsig

Alexander von Borsig is from Berlin-Neukölln. From an early age he was fascinated by science fiction and horror films and whose sounds he tried to imitate with a microphone and a cassette recorder. It was only later that he fell in love with, preferably very strange, electronic music and upon intensive begging was given a semi-modular Korg MS-20 analogue synthesizer for Christmas in 1978 and a Roland CR-78 rhythm machine for his fourteenth birthday in October of the following year.

Inspired by groups like Throbbing Gristle, Suicide or Chrome, he not only began to produce his own music with these instruments, but also to invent the myth of his persona. Since his father worked as a mechanical engineer for the renowned Borsig company and provided him with advertising stickers, which Alexander used to decorate the walls of the relevant Berlin nightclubs, his pseudonym quickly established itself, which he embellished with the story of a noble child prodigy stemming from the long-lost von Borsig family.

Borsig joined the newly founded group Einstürzende Neubauten for a few concerts in 1980. He fell in love with Christiane F., after a performance at the Hamburger Markthalle with whom he moved to Sankt Pauli the following year. Alexander provided the opening act for Einstürzende Neubauten and eventually advanced to the status of stage musician. After three years he separated from Christiane, who had relapsed and started taking heroin again, and from then on and to this day appears in countless projects and collaborations under his real name: Alexander Hacke.

The complete recordings were released May 10th via Mauerstadtmusik


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Takahiro Izutani - 'Verve'

Takahiro Izutani is a Tokyo-based composer, sound producer, and guitarist, working mainly for video games. He had been playing guitar in an instrumental rock band Happy Family since the late 90's. In 1998, Happy Family released an album from Cuneiform Records in the US. Since then, he has worked on a number of productions in Japanese music industry as a composer, arranger, and remixer.

He also formed an electronic/break beat band Dugo whose track 'Dublin' was used in the TV series in the US 'CSI : Miami Season 3' in 2006. And up to now, he has become engaged in many different music productions of video game. (Metal Gear Solid series, BAYONETTA series, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, etc.)

Although he has successfully worked as a video game composer, he has devoted his resources to working as an artist again and decided to release his original cinematic tracks inspired by his experience as a composer. 'Verve' is his first original cinematic track as an artist.

'Verve' was released May, 5th via Mini's Jab


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OUT: 'Jazzterfield 2' by Shuko

'Jazzterfield 2' is the new Instrumental album by German producer Shuko (Evidence, B-Real, Anderson Paak, Kanye West, Jedi Mind Tricks) and a mix from jazz, 90s hiphop and brasil bossa music from the 60s and 70s with a modern twist.

Bouncy Jams like 'Antidote' meeting jazz laid back instrumentals like 'Beverly Chills' and shows a whole bandwidth of Shuko's creative workflow while using beat maschines like the MPC 4000 and MPC Live 2 to create those unique beats that give you an instant chill vibe. The album features Ruck-P, Kid Tarô, The Breed, Anthony Drawn, FLKS, Keymer, BASTi and many more.

Founded in 2017 and 5 years in business, For The Love Of It is happy to announce the release of the second volume after their work with legends like Lee Fields, B-Real and C.L. Smooth.

'Jazzterfield 2' is out since March 25th via Shuko's very own For The Love Of It.


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OUT: B2.PLU2' by SOSA!

Berlin based DJ and producer SOSA brings Berlin flavor to the global stage.

His debut EP 'B2.PLU2' brings you lo-fi good vibes along with a selected blend of fresh talents. Inspired by G-funk as much so as Neo Soul, the EP brings together creativity and professionalism along a smartly crafted line of attentive production.

SOSA brings a multicultural background to modern music. The renowned experimental alchemist boasts a Ghanaian family background, and stylishly weaves in elements of African and European rhythms alike across the new EP.