OUT: Reece Lemonius releases first EP 'Midnight'

Lost and found between dusk and dawn… Reece Lemonius´ 'Midnight' EP is a look into the past with a nostalgic yet vibrant modern twist. He incorporates elements of alternative R&B, Funk, Soul and Melancholic Pop of days gone by.

Fading into the soundtrack of his own self-reflection, tech-noire phantasies and heartbreak scenarios… for a time that never was…

Like a summer night ride after watching 'The lost boys' at the Drive-in. Fueled with 80s synth spheres and classic guitars coming through the car speakers. Reece Lemonius hits the gas pedal with you in the passenger seat, singing you his poems with the volume of the radio cranked up while a robot with a sweet vocoder voice is whispering from the back seat.

Navigated by his soulful voice and guided by timeless and illusionary melodies you can let loose and enjoy the ride through this six and a half track creation… close your eyes, so you don't miss a single heartbeat of this very moment…

'Midnight' - a never-ending new beginning... out since June the 5th.

Listen to it on Spotify.


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OUT: 'Origin' by ELEFAN

ELEFAN is the project the bassist and keyboard player Brieuc and the music composer and pianist Lionel, founded in 2019. The two Brussels-based professional musicians have developed a neo-classic inspired style which is rich in textures, heavy storytelling compositions full of unorthodox twists and turns and cinematic soundscapes. Their music forms interactions between the fields of electronica and techno, combined with classic acoustic instruments. ELEFAN perform on stage and have already given several concerts in and around their hometown of Brussels.

After already having extracted 'Blurry' and 'Bells', Connaisseur finally present the full 'Origins' EP, including the two new titles 'Pavement' and 'Six'.

'Origin' was released May 25th via Connaisseur Recordings.


New partner: Welcome, Tambourhinoceros!

We would like to welcome our new danish partner Tambourhinoceros to our Freibank-Family!

Tambourhinoceros is a danish label and publisher for indie rock, indie pop and alternative rock based in Copenhagen. The two band members Kristoffer Rom and Aske Zidore of Oh No Ono founded Tambourhinoceros in 2009. As they are part of a huge independent community such as Merlin and the danish indie label trade organisation DUP, they were awarded with the Gaffa Award in 2011 and in 2016 were recognised as one of Europe's most inspiring young label by IMPALA and The Independen Echo for the FIVEUNDERFIFTEEN campaign.

Just to name a couple of wonderful artists within their roster. Have a look around and check out:

Molina, Efteklang, Rangleklods, Irah, Blondage and The New Spring.

We represent their repertoire in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


OUT: New video to 'Ten Grand Goldie' by Einstürzende Neubauten

Einstürzende Neubauten released their new single 'Ten Grand Goldie' on April the 3rd and announced their long-awaited album in twelve years. 'Alles in Allem' will be out on May the 15th this year and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band.

The video to their latest single 'Ten Grand Goldie' is out today at 3 p.m. CET. Have a look and a listen here.

For the first single 'Ten Grand Goldie', Blixa Bargeld put out a call live on camera to worldwide supporters, using telecommunications to talk with people in Norway, Italy, and the USA. “Which word in your language do you especially like? What was the last snippet of a sentence you overheard coming out of someone else’s mouth, whether or not the meaning was clear, or if the words were addressed to you?” The result is a song that pre-formulated the album epilogically, in which Bargeld’s text fragments and the callers’ answers got woven into a narrative. And so, “Ten Grand Goldie” enchantingly combines reflections on a city in transition with words borrowed from foreigners. Bargeld calls this process “harvesting.” He picks various things together and reprocesses them.

Go check out Einstürzende Neubauten and their entire back-catalogue on Spotify.


OUT: Danish punk rock band Iceage release 'Lockdown Blues'

Copenhagen-based band Iceage releases a rousing new single, 'Lockdown Blues' (watch the video here). The track, which addresses the troubled new reality during COVID-19, was written in the wake of the lockdown on gatherings, borders, schools, and life as we know it. Over percussive, bluesy instrumentation, singer Elias Rønnenfelt bluntly describes “Empty shelves in barren streets // Confined domestic quarantine // How the itching for lost touch is deafening.”

All profits from Bandcamp will directly benefit Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Thus the band released a statement alongside the new track: “We’ve felt the urge to touch base now that the physical touch has been suspended and contribute an effort to raise spirit In the face of adversity. Our thoughts are with all those in jeopardy to the many various horrors in relation to the crisis, those situated on the front lines and those who are direly compromised. Stay safe, take care and keep up the good fight." and those who are direly compromised. Stay safe, take care and keep up the good fight."


new signing: Jacob Bellens

The Copenhagen-based artist just dropped his 5th studio album via hfn music!

Thanks to his unique voice and his talent for heart-rending melodies, over the years Jacob has become one of the most distinctive figures on the Scandinavian music scene.

Jacob Bellens has been releasing music since 2004, beginning with the debut album 'Scandinavian South' from electronic sample-based outfit Livstrompet. In the following years, he released three albums with the duo project Murder and has collaborated with several different artists such as Kasper Bjørke and AV AV AV and also composes for other musicians.

'The Daisy Age', Bellens’ solo debut album, was released in 2012. The second release was 'My Convictions', a personal take on classical vintage pop with flutes, strings and horns, produced by Frederik Thaae and released in 2014 through Bellens’ own label A Spot In The Sun. His third solo album 'Polyester Skin' was released in 2016 through hfn music and includes one of his biggest hits: Untouchable. 'Trail Of Intuition', produced by Rune Borup and Lars Iversen, came out in 2018 and is now followed by Jabob Bellens' fifth studio album 'My Heart Is Hungry And The Days Go By So Quickly' released in April 2020.

Somewhere between left-field pop and a classical singer/songwriter approach, the 'My Heart Is Hungry And The Days Go By So Quickly' is an exciting rollercoaster ride through the universe of an exceptional singer and songwriter. It’s made to make you dance, to sing along and at times to make you think, always with an encouraging undertone.

Out since April 3rd via hfn nusic.


OUT: DAS NEU release new song 'Drive'.

The new song 'Drive' by the German band DAS NEU is a tribute to the sound of shoegaze and dark wave of the early 1980s. Nevertheless, the song is driven by Berlin rap and contemporary hip hop elements. 'Drive' is the yet darkest work by DAS NEU, telling the story of a broken relationship coming to an end. 

Have a listen for yourself and watch the video here.


News from our Partner Because Music

We bring you some news on new releases, signings and catalogues from our french partner Because Music.

New releases:

Ghost Town’ out March 3rd 2020. Greentea Peng's latest single is a dub-infused statement against gentrification and the changing face of her hometown, London.


Cascades’ out March 13th 2020. Denai Moore delivers another captivating visual to her latest hymn "Cascades". Much like the song, the video immerses you in a weird and beautiful dream. Mysterious symbols and unlikely characters transfix and soothe you at the same time.


The Rest Of My Days’ out March 18th 2020. S+C+A+R+R's latest single is a banger. The addictive synths and bouncy dancefloor drums at the outset will have you dancing in your chair before you've even realised it. S+C+A+R+R's processed, androgynous voice then comes in with a mesmerizing vocal gimmick that drives the track forward and on to an exultant climax.


12.38’ out March 22nd 2020 is deep, trippy and catchy R&B as only Childish Gambino knows how to make it. The song's three guests balance each other out nicely. Kadhja's enchanting voice and 21 Savage's lazy nasal flow turn around the theme of fleeting romantic trysts and enjoying life. True to this narrative, Ink ends the song with the conclusive line "come back to the crib".


La Vita Nuova’ out February 27th 2020. Produced by Christine and the Queens and Ash Workman, ‘La vita nuova’ arrives with an accompanying short film of the same name, imagined by Christine and featuring the EP’s five new songs in as many sequences.
The 14 minute film is an inward journey that sees the artist invest
Opéra Garnier, the world famous Paris opera house, filling it withstories of ghosts and mythical creatures.


New signings:

Girl Ray is an English band-stroke-girl gang, whose dreamy melodic sensibilities combine with smart and humorous songwriting to make a lovely uplifting pop. Their latest album ‘Girl’ was released in 2019.


We represent the repertoire of Because Music for the German territory.