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OUT: First single 'Body On Mine' of upcoming EP

'Body on Mine' is Reece Lemonius' first installment of his new EP, coming this fall.
After taking time to craft his sound, Reece aims for soulful and driving dance vibes all across
styles - with great effect.

'Body On Mine' induces an instant good-mood with driving rhythms, involved in a
contemporary production, highlighted by his polished-yet-sensuous vocals.
Reece’s very first coop with Mike Perry on 'Talk About It' gained a stunning 75 million
streams on Spotify. Followed by his debut single 'Love Me' that gained over 50 million views
across several platforms and counting.

Reece Lemonius released his retro synth / dream pop EP 'Midnight' in early 2020 and
started building up his catalog ever since, cooperating with different artists like Max Lean
and Berlin based producer Sosa.


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OUT: 'Mary Lou' by Spoon and the Forkestra

With their new single 'Mary Lou', indie rock duo Spoon and the Forkestra announce their debut EP 'The Fondest Flinch', which will be out in October of this year. The song is an ode to hopeless love and cheerfully celebrates the people in life who we put on a pedestal out of unreflected

For the EP, Spoon and the Forkestra invited the best musicians they know into the studio -
just to get them to play their instruments like three-year-old kids. The result is 'Mary Lou', a
pounding, playful catchy tune somewhere between folk and punk.

In the music video for the song, Spoon and the Forkestra invite you to the heist. If Ocean’s 8
had been created by the directors of 500 Days of Summer - chaotic and megalomaniac like
the band themselves, there is only one goal: stealing Mary Lou from the museum.


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Hackedepicciotto announce new album!

The first single ‘Evermore’ launched today with the duo’s first love song, the first time the husband and wife - who have collaborated for several decades - have explored this terrain.

“We're basically singing about love and we've never actually done a love song before,” says De Picciotto.

Video directed by Studio Bergfors.

Album cover and press photographs were shot by Sven Marquardt - the legendary Berlin photographer who also happens to be the doorman at the infamous Berghain nightclub.

'The Silver Threshold' will be out November 12th via Mute UK.


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new Puder releases

Catharina Boutari aka Puder teamed up with Jules Maxwell and Tiana Kruškić for her two newest tracks!

Catharina Boutari aka Puder meets Irish stage composer and Dead Can Dance keyboardist Jules Maxwell for songwriting. They get to talking about the book 'Underland' by Robert McFarlane, which is about the shadow world beneath our feet. Cities under cities, underground rivers and glaciers, nuclear repositories, secret tunnel systems. Good places, bad places. Like the veins under our skin that connect and supply the whole body. What if you could use this system to pump love to any place in the world? Baby, if I only could use the system...

For 'Spices' she teamed up with soul singer Tiana Kruškić: 'Stop comparing us to food! My mango lassie's sweet, but none of your business! 'Peaches flirting with Prince. Rough groove meets garage and feminism. Danceable and energetic with attitude.

'Tunnels' is out since 25th of June and 'Spices' since 6th of August via Pussy Empire Recordings.


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LIVE: Patrice is currently on tour through Germany and Switzerland

Patrice is now touring a few select open air stages for a series of intimate concerts. Between classic and new songs, we are excited to bring live music back!

Here’s where he'll be for now but make sure to follow and check his social media pages as more shows are on the horizon!

Jul. 30 Feldkirch, Austria @ Poolbar

Jul. 31 Konstanz, Germany @ Neuwerk

Aug. 04 Jena, Germany @ Kulturarena

Aug. 05 Dinslaken, Germany @ Freilichtbühne Burgtheater

Aug. 06 Oldenburg, Germany @ Boese Events

Aug. 07 Braunschweig, Germany @ Wolters Applaus Garten

Aug. 21 Thun, Switzerland @ Freds Garten Thun

Aug. 25 Berlin, Germany @ Festsaal Kreuzberg Biergarten

Patrice also offers a Meet & Greet backstage pass for two at each concert. Check out the discussion section on the Facebook event pages to see how you can get yours :)


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Energy 52's 'Café Del Mar' remixed by Paul van Dyk

'Café Del Mar' has come to represent the most euphoric and hedonistic pleasures of dancefloors - in Ibiza and all around the world - and has been remixed by some of the biggest names in the industry. One name that’s been strangely absent though is that of Paul Van Dyk: a trance icon and a seemingly perfect fit for remixing a record of this stature. Paul Schmitz-Moormann aka Kid Paul and Paul van Dyk were close DJ buddies in the early Berlin Techno scene, and played around a hundred DJ gigs together, all around Germany and Europe, before they moved on in different directions.

Now nearly 30 years later he’s finally got the chance to remix this iconic record.

Paul Van Dyk’s 'Café Del Mar' remixes mark the first new release on the label Superstition Records after an almost 20 years hiatus. From 1993 until 2003 Superstition Records was a groundbreaking Techno, Tech-House and Trance Label and released some of the biggest and most revered records of the early German electronic scene.

Inactive since 2003, the Paul van Dyk remixes of Café Del Mar open up a series of new re-issues on the Superstition Records imprint throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond.


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OUT: 'See You Later' by Sonnengruss x Amit Benita

Sonnengruss and Amit Benita - a match made in heaven. Their love for warmth and comfort in their music brought them together.

The result is a song about peace, ease of mind and unity. Especially in times of political uproar, the wish to create a song to unite people was even stronger. The collaboration came to be in a time, in which positive messages were rare. Sonnengruss and Amit want to send a message - We need to ease our minds ...

The song was written in Byron Bay (Australia), recorded in Israel and produced in Berlin. Amit and his friends recorded the music video recently in Tel Aviv.

The moments were captured by the talented Jarin Alon.


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Mona Mur - Mona Mur

In summer 1987 Mona Mur met legendary Stranglers musicians JJ Burnel and Dave Greenfield on their compound in beautiful and enchanted East-Anglia to create her first full album MONA MUR.

The synth pop pearl with Dave Greenfield's signature and unique keyboard arpeggios and Burnel's brutal and elegant bass lines strongly influencing the production sound was released 1988 by RCA and was celebrated by filmmakers Monika Treut and Elfi Mikesch in their movie 'Die Jungfrauenmaschine' - which contains a Mona Mur live performance of the song 'Ritz'. The official 'Ritz' video was shot by Eduard Oleschak in Vienna on Heldenplatz and Hofburg and in Palais Saurau in the city of Graz, Austria.

The album also features a special re-recording of 'Surabaya Johnny' using tracks by FM Einheit, Alex Hacke, Nikko Weidemann, Thomas Stern and Siewert Johannsen (the 2nd Mona Mur Band line up) with additional drum tracks by Dave Larcombe ('The Bible').