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synch and marketing
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head of administration
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royalties and licensing
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Klaus Maeck

music supervising

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Freibank is an innovative, independent music publisher committed to delivering the best possible service to its partners.

Originally incorporated in 1986 to administer the compositions of German avantgarde artists Einstürzende Neubauten as efficiently as possible, Freibank soon began to offer its swift and efficient copyright administration services to fellow musicians. During the 90s, the company expanded into press-, radio-, club promotion and marketing, setting up publishing divisions and label deals for several local and international partners.

More & Faster

Maximizing writer income has been a key objective from day One. We started the company because we had come to the conclusion that, to the disadvantage of writers, many of the traditional practices of copyright administration were too slow and inefficient.

To improve this, we, for example, introduced direct collection of mechanicals from record companies instead of via GEMA in Germany, acquired direct membership also in other key copyright collection societies (PRS, STIM, SUISA, SACEM, HFA, CMRRA), introduced quarterly instead of the then customary semi-annual accounting, use fingerprinting technology to track TV usages etc..

Embracing the opportunities digitisation provides while ensuring fair compensation for writers has been a priority in recent years. We were among the first independent suppliers of repertoire to iTunes when it launched in the US.  The increased complexity of copyright administration is one of the challenges of digitisation. We were very early to adapt our administration to these challenges and work closely with organizations like rightsflow, soundexchange and many others around the world to trace, claim and pay fair compensation also for online usages of their music to writers and corporate partners.


The development and maintenance of close networks with television, film, ad and game producers, music labels and producers has been crucial for our development. Freibank is meanwhile an often sought out source for music usages, we consult and supervise film and game soundtracks and continuously provide music for advertising usage. Success in this area has been helped by tools like the acclaimed “for films” series, meanwhile in its 15th year of publication [link] and the establishment of fast, efficient and fair licensing procedures tailored to the specific requirements at hand.

Competent Service

Having been initially founded and run by musicians, one core objective has never changed: To be competent, reliable and trustworthy partners for the artists we work for. We have had the good fortune to work with many successful artists. A common factor of success has been the support these artists received from committed and knowledgeable teams. Whether artists use us selectively for administrative matters, occasional advice and assistance or all round management duties – we are proud to be useful members of such teams.

Size Does Matter

More than ever, professionally operated independent companies are best suited to deliver thorough and proactive music publishing services.
The publishing divisions of the multinational music corporations have been under severe pressure to reduce costs since years. Their remaining staff can only devote the attention to detail required for thorough copyright administration to a small fraction of the millions of copyrights they have accumulated. Creative staff simply cannot know more than a tiny fraction of these huge catalogues (just listening to million songs once would take all the working hours of some 37 years). We know and can relate to the music we represent – the most basic but essential prerequisite to actively market, promote and place it.

After more than 25 successful years as an independent music publisher, Freibank is ideally positioned to deliver the music publishing services required in the 21st century.

Freibank -

Freibank - your synch partner for advertising, movies and tv series Our repertoire is consistently represented in cinematic and television films, series, games and websites. Professionals in agencies and production companies, editors, directors and producers value our service as music supervisors and that we can also provide one-stop clearances where required.

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Coco Kraft
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Fredrik Nedelmann
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