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For 25 years the "for films" compilations have been an inspiring and ideal source of ideas for setting music to films and advertising work of all kinds. A selection of our music is available to search and download on our DISCO library here  Simply follow the link and register with your email and a password. It can be that simple :)

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The series is an integral part of Freibank's proactive publishing and marketing strategy, spanning our full catalogue of over 30 years. Complete copyright information and tracklisting of the series are available  here.

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Coco Kraft
+49 (0) 40 317 69 09-10

Fredrik Nedelmann
+49 (0) 40 31 00 90

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Reality Brothers To Dwell n/a
Visit Venus Shaft In Space n/a
Kreidler If n/a
n/a Sequencial Cycades n/a
n/a Einstürzende Neubauten Wüste (Ballett Version) n/a
FM Einheit Die Mauer I / Akt II n/a
n/a Being The Tide Remix Of Lunasol n/a
Green Piece Rezonawnz n/a
Drome Eurotunnel n/a
Humate drei punkt drei (3.3) n/a
Effective Force Diamond Bulett (ritual) n/a
n/a Tindersticks Vertrauen II n/a
Nuf Put It In Here Jungle n/a
n/a Meat Beat Manifesto The Woods n/a
n/a Front 242 Religion (Prodigy Mix) n/a
Pete Namlook Metro n/a
Jorge Reyes To See Things Never Heard n/a
Jens C. Möller Karl´s Story n/a
Alexander Hacke Abschiedsthema n/a