For Films Editions

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The "for films" compilations are and have been an inspiring and ideal source of ideas for setting music to films and advertising work of all kinds.

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The series is an integral part of Freibank's meanwhile more than 30 years of proactive publishing and marketing strategy. Please download complete copyright infos of the series here

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Coco Kraft
+49 (0) 40 317 69 09-10

Fredrik Nedelmann
+49 (0) 40 31 00 90

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Visit Venus Benelux Dub
Ian Pooley 02:15 Lounge, Electronica
n/a Laurent Garnier Theme From Larry´s Dub n/a
n/a MC 900ft Jesus Falling Elevators n/a
n/a Tortoise Along The Banks Of River n/a
Righteous Men Moon Over Mont-Cenis Electrojazz
Nap Ghost Electrojazz
Mijk Van Dijk Tokyo Underground Ambient, Electronic
Bernd Friedmann Flug Sounddesign, Weird, Ambient
Lunatek P 3 Electrojazz
Die Haut See Puek n/a
n/a Trisomie 21 Westwind n/a
n/a Jacob´s Optical Starway Harsh Realities n/a
Steve Bug I like it Chill Out, Lounge
Lemongrass Promise Drum ’n’ Bass, Chill Out
Nonplace Urban Field Vinyl 1:1 Weird, Breakbeat, Chill Out
Panacea Stormbringer Drum ’n’ Bass, Electronic, Weird
Einstürzende Neubauten Nnnaaammm Remix by Darkus Drum ’n’ Bass, Sounddesign
Kreidler Objekt Metal Ambient, Sounddesign
Harmonia 76 Weird Dream Ambient, Weird, Electronic
n/a Idee des Nordens Song For Giso Electronic, Filmmusik
Lucky Loop Opera Ambient, Breakbeat, Electronica, Drum ’n’ Bass
n/a Cut Duca Air / Bridal Chorus n/a