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For 25 years the "for films" compilations have been an inspiring and ideal source of ideas for setting music to films and advertising work of all kinds. A selection of our music is available to search and download on our DISCO library here  Simply follow the link and register with your email and a password. It can be that simple :)

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The series is an integral part of Freibank's proactive publishing and marketing strategy, spanning our full catalogue of over 30 years. Complete copyright information and tracklisting of the series are available  here.

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Coco Kraft
+49 (0) 40 317 69 09-10

Fredrik Nedelmann
+49 (0) 40 31 00 90

Edit. 20

Atom TM feat. X1N Simplicity Electronic
Leyya Superego Pop
Shuko x Dr. Dundiff Kopi Luwak HipHopBeats, Lofi, Lounge
Ill Till Freizeit HipHopBeats
Puder feat. Kathrin Ost Sieben (Instrumental) Weird, Pop
Gregor McEwan FWD: Spring Indie, Folk, Acoustic Guitar
Angelica Garcia Valentina in the Moonlight Pop, Acoustic Guitar
JR JR Low (Acoustic Version) Pop, Gitarrenpop
Kid Tarô Motel Hours Lofi, HipHopBeats, Lounge
Molina Hey Kids (Instrumental) Electronic, Electropop
Panaphonic Sunrise Light Funk
Ensemble Du Verre Polychrome (Room 1) (Instrumental) Classical, Piano
Fink Once You Get A Taste (Horizontalism Session) Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Pop
Andreas Lund The Day Unwinds Piano, Acoustic Guitar
Jens Fischer Rodrian Afterall Jazz, Weird
Pari San Change Is What (Instrumental) Classical, Pop
Death Valley Girls Get Home (Instrumental) Rock
Einstürzende Neubauten Tempelhof (Instrumental) Classical, Pop
nsi. 4-144 Piano, Ambient, Experimental
Os Morcegos Rimini Samba Jazz, Latin, Latin Lounge
Konradsen Dice (Instrumental) Piano, Electronic
Göksel Baktagir Masum Aşk Classical, World/African, Eastern Europe
Frederik Flach Dick Turpin (Electronic Version) Piano, Electronic
Fernbahn Jumping Sadness Classical, Electronic, Piano
Eik Octobre Januar Classical, Filmmusik, Piano
Asger Baden Ether, Pt.1 Classical
Alexander Hacke Alles ist eins. Außer die 0 Filmmusik, Jazz, Lounge
Kymat Selva Madre Ambient
Trentemøller Giants Electronic, Ambient
The Cinematic Orchestra Familiar Ground Electronic, Jazz
Madsius Ovanda My Choice (Instrumental) Jazz, Pop, Funk, Disco
Wunderblock Easy Time Electronic, Electrojazz, Jazz, Lounge
Rauschhaus Memories of Tomorrow Electronic, House
Christian Löffler feat. Mohna Haul Electropop, Pop
Helena Deland Take it all (Instrumental) Electronic, Electrorock, Rock
Khan feat. Julee Cruise Say Goodbye Electronic, Electropop
Nelson Can Yeah, I didn't think so Piano, Electronic, Lounge
Air Jeux Dangereux Latin Lounge
Voiski Bouncing in the Corner Trance, Ambient, Electronic, Drone
Kollektiv Turmstrasse Dazwischen 4 Electronica, Piano
Me Succeeds Beauty comes from Strange Places Electronic
Omsk Information & Dr. Walker Escape from Treptow Electronic, Dub
rRoxymore Tropicalcore Breakbeat
Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa Back to the Roots Dub, Ambient, Electronic
Ida Kudo Paradise (Instrumental) Electronic, Ambient
Realson Street Symphony Hip Hop, HipHopBeats, Piano
Capitano I wear a Mask Hip Hop, HipHopBeats
Los Mambo Jambos Blue Iguana Surf, Rock n Roll
Oliver Huntemann Anonym Electronic, Electronica, Filmmusik
Flanger Peninsula Jazz
Blondage Dive (Instrumental) Pop, Electropop
Francis Harris Minor Forms (Valentino Mora Underwater Rephase) Techno, Electronic
Patric Catani Regain Strength with Beat Classical, HipHopBeats, Hip Hop
X Mal Deutschland Dreamhouse Theme Electronic, Electronica, Acoustic Guitar
Giant Rooks Watershed (Instrumental) Indie Rock, Indie, Pop
Roedelius Einfach so Piano, Classical
Messer Chups Tchaikovsky Beat Surf, Pop, Classical
hackedpicciotto The Seventh Day Drone, Experimental
Igorr Musette Maximum Rock, Hardcore, Experimental