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Atom™ & Pete Namlook: Jet Chamber I-V

When Pete Namlook and Atom™ first met around 1992, a long musical and personal friendship begun. Not only did Atom™ release plenty of his own music on Pete Namlooks’s Fax Records label (they also formed their Rather Interesting platform together in 1994), but more so did both artists collaborate musically throughout the years.

During the initial stage of their friendship, the two had released a series of 12”s under the monikers Millennium, Subsequence and Synthadelic, yet from 1994 onwards decided to dedicate themselves to rather long form productions. Once again, a new project title was chosen: 'Jet Chamber'. They recorded and released their first CD in 1995, simply entitled 'Jet Chamber I'. What both didn’t know back then was, that they had embarked on a series of productions which soon should comprises the 5 'Jet Chamber albums'. The volumes II-V were released between 1996 and 2000.

Pete Namlook unexpectedly died in 2012. In long winding conversations with the Pete Namlook estate, it took Atom™ a bit over 7 years to finally obtain the master rights to all their collaborative works. The albums were carefully remastered in 2022 and released digitally through the AtomTM_Audio_Archive. A digital box set of said albums will come out in October 2022.