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Klaus Maecks' documentary 'Love Songs' about Einstürzende Neubauten now available on demand!

"You often have to shout for a long time so that people can enjoy the silence afterwards."
FM Einheit, 1993

First released in 1993, this documentary highlights the band's first creative phase, from the recording of the first single by Blixa Bargeld and N.U. Unruh under a motorway bridge (1980) to the last tour with the early line-up with FM Einheit, Mark Chung and Alexander Hacke (1993).

Based on interviews with all band members and with companions, videos and rare archive footage, the film shows the enormous worldwide influence of the band and proves the opposite to all those who associate Einstürzende Neubauten only with deafening noise. The protagonists take us on a journey through time, into the hollow space under a Berlin motorway slip road, where the band's history began in 1980, and other historical hotbeds of their tonal journey, and reveal amusing anecdotes from the band's then 13-year history.

Blixa Bargeld explains to us the odd title of the documentary and his method of writing lyrics. N.U. Unruh takes us to his big storage room full of self-constructed drum kit parts and sound bodies, Alexander Hacke to the hollow water tower at Gleisdreieck to demonstrate its unique sound. Long-time companions and supporters, including the writer Heiner Müller, also have their say in the documentary. This band portrait is complemented with brilliant live recordings of the last tour with this original line-up.

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