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New Ensemble Du Verre album out soon!

Nora Becker is the vocal star that has risen above Ensemble Du Verre. After two guest contributions on the E.D.V. albums Rooms (2016) and Jet-Black Notebook (2019), the Hamburg singer has become a permanent member of the ensemble and floats through the five songs on the EP 'Lightning Bugs' with her beguiling, soulful voice.

When trying to give the space-exploring songs a style label, the term urban avant-garde perhaps hits it best. Pop and electronica, jazz, R'n'B and classical songwriting merge together, turn off the mainstream road and lead the listener into an area where artists and creatives live and work. There you find both small dark spaces where only fireflies give light and wide, shining plains where people do their mindfulness exercises. Residents and visitors discuss their issues and are in search of inspiration and revelation.