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new Puder releases

Catharina Boutari aka Puder teamed up with Jules Maxwell and Tiana Kruškić for her two newest tracks!

Catharina Boutari aka Puder meets Irish stage composer and Dead Can Dance keyboardist Jules Maxwell for songwriting. They get to talking about the book 'Underland' by Robert McFarlane, which is about the shadow world beneath our feet. Cities under cities, underground rivers and glaciers, nuclear repositories, secret tunnel systems. Good places, bad places. Like the veins under our skin that connect and supply the whole body. What if you could use this system to pump love to any place in the world? Baby, if I only could use the system...

For 'Spices' she teamed up with soul singer Tiana Kruškić: 'Stop comparing us to food! My mango lassie's sweet, but none of your business! 'Peaches flirting with Prince. Rough groove meets garage and feminism. Danceable and energetic with attitude.

'Tunnels' is out since 25th of June and 'Spices' since 6th of August via Pussy Empire Recordings.