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New signing: Spoon And The Forkestra

Coming from a rehearsal room lit by fairy lights and surrounded by the intimate tranquility of the night, Spoon And The Forkestra musically roam messy woods and enchanted flat-share-kitchens. They are recounting bedtime stories about sleepless nights and secret sentiments before hand in hand shouting at foreign walls.

It is a wonderous nostalgia that surrouds the young duo consisting of a girl from Hamburg and a boy from Mannheim. Timo Zell’s delicate basslines gently dance around the fragile yet powerful voice of Emily-Mae Lewis who seems to be whispering her metaphorical stories directly into their listeners’ ears. Folky elements meet psychedelic melancholia, the freedom of Punk encounters the sensuality of Jazz and Soul music. We are experiencing a musical embrace - both slightly beautiful and a little gnawing at the same time; a reverberating kind of intensity stimulating awareness for the long-gone.

When on stage, Spoon And The Forkestra turn it into a playroom - as the two of them or along with drummer John Winston Berta as a trio. They musically elevate themselves to the highest spheres just to make everything fall into shivering silence in an instant.