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New signing: The OhOhOhs

"With their four hands pianist Florian Waeldele and drummer Florian Dressler create a remarkable, quasi-orchestral depth of sound.

The OhOhOhs (formerly aka The Oh!chestra) play concertante, contemporary club music with a minimal set-up. With a degree in performance and composition and a specialisation in piano, Florian Waeldele composes the majority of their music, which now and then is inspired by the grand masters. His namesake Florian Dressler, the percussionist of the duo, continues to expand his rhythmic horizon learning from a variety of teachers. This project unifies their passion for classical music and percussion, as well as the aesthetics of the electronic dance scene from which they both originate. By using a grand piano (or electronic piano) and a percussion set – a rather unusual and rare combination – occasionally adding samples, The OhOhOhs create "a remarkable, virtually orchestral sonority." (Stereoplay)

Their debut album Vierhaendig (four-handed) is made of twelve original compositions, alongside an electronically-rhythmised interpretation of Beethoven’s final allegro movement of the moonlight sonata, revived a broadly positive response from critics (also in the classical field) and fans.

Thanks to the intersection of the projects and a fusion of the two, an array of future possibilities can be expected by expanding existing sounds with synthesisers and electronics opening up new, manifold possibilities and soundscapes.

The duo creates music for theatre plays (schauspielfrankfurt, andcompany&co, wunschmaschinen, Guenes-Theater) and create soundtracks for special occasions like the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s '2001: A Space Odyssey' (Deutsches Filmmuseum) or 'Shoulder Arms' by Charlie Chaplin.