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OUT: album 'Book of Fulfilled Wishes Vol.1' by Ensemble Du Verre

Despite consistently positive critical acclaim, the Ensemble du Verre, founded in 2003, was long denied a major success. However, this success came all the more clearly in 2008 in the form of the German Record Critics' Award for the album 'Sanctuary For Animals'. Since then, the project led by Hamburg-based keyboardist and drummer Sönke Düwer has repeatedly produced musical gems - such as 2011's 'The Contemporary Cowboy', a masterful combination of jazz and electronic (dance) music, which was praised by French techno and house producer Laurent Garnier.

And although things became much quieter after that, Sönke Düwer and his extremely sound-conscious creative circle always managed to present albums that exude a fascinating aura of waking, dreamy clarity through their sophisticated use of structures, reduction and concentration. Be it in the form of 'Rooms', 'My Jet-Black Notebook' or 'Book Of Fulfilled Wishes, Volume 1' - the latest collection of audio films by the composer, producer and sound director.