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OUT: Album 'Boundaries' by Andreas Balicki

Driven by the power of slow, shivering downtempo rhythms and melodic techno influenced grooves, Andreas Balicki has become a one of kind voyager of sound. With his productions he is always striving towards unheard and unprecedented sounds, developing his own universal language. Releasing on labels like Pipe&Pochet, Akumandra or Serafin Audio Imprint along with support from DJs like Mira, WhoMadeWho, Jonas Rathsman and many others, his productions have clearly become a part of the electronic music scene. His sets captivate with their attention to detail and set the right mood for the moment. Notably his idea of merging dreamy melodies and driving, percussive rhythms have brought him to the stage of famous places like the Hive Club in Zurich or underground spots like Rummels Bucht in Berlin.