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OUT: album 'Integration' by Love Command0

Love Command0 is the name that Irish duo James and Bex Fox have chosen for their electronic and club pop project. James Fox has previously worked as an indie musician and rocker in projects such as Soft Cuddly Toys and Fight Like Apes, but has now ventured a new musical start in DIY electronics after marrying his wife Bex and travelling to Berlin during the pandemic to record this debut album - on his honeymoon, so to speak. Despite the normative title of the work, it was not about political messages, but about combining - or rather integrating - the couple's musical preferences into a partly experimental club record. According to their own statement, these preferences include "Italo Disco, New York Mutant Disco and electronic freestyle from the 80s". So don't expect a hip, computer-generated Techno album with a contemporary attitude, but a playful retro-future adventure with psychedelically bent analogue retro synths, sequencers, drum computers and vocoders instead of programmed beats, samples, Garageband and autotune.