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OUT: album 'Interior' by Rosa Anschütz

'Interior' is Rosa Anschütz’s most introspective and vulnerable album to date; an insightful and powerfully crafted album which dives within but also urges to turn to the outside. The record operates as a meditative sonic and lyrical journey across genres, with an analog dark-romanticism rooted in the melancholia of neo-folk, the elegance and solemnness of modern classic and the grace and baroque of sacred music. It is both an introspection, an “enhancement of one’s thoughts” as she phrases it, and a quest for harmonious living. The artist’s observations of interiors - the ones lying within herself, the ones resulting from her invention and imagination, the ones imposed onto her and inherited - lead her to touch on the broader possibility of cohesion with natural and spiritual elements, and of reconciliation with the self and what is lodged and hidden within it. What paths can one take to express what lies inside of them?