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Out: 'Might Delete Later EP' by Razz

The 'Might Delete Later' EP is the latest release by German indie rock band Razz since their last album 'Nocturnal' in 2017.

Razz received quite a lot of reputation at early ages already: even before they released their debut album 'With Your Hands We’ll Conquer', they played at big festivals like Hurriance, Deichbrand or Lollapalooza in Berlin. In later years, they supported Jimmy Eat World and played Rock am Ring.

With the new EP, Razz show that they have matured in sound and lyrics. The young band has grown-up, but without loosing their alternative and post-wave signature sound the fans have learned to love.

They have also recently announced a tour starting on the 16th of January 2022 in Berlin at Columbia Theater. We are very much looking forward to hearing these songs live!