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OUT: Milo Milone self-titled solo debut album

Milo Milone's solo EP of the same name has been released October 16th via popup-records!

Drenched by the Californian summer, the record is characterized by the freedom to find what has always been there. Inspired by a road trip through California, and recorded in her heated-up garage in Silverlake Milo Milone reflects exactly this feeling in each of her six songs.

Finding is easy when you're not looking. The solo debut of Milo Milone, who now lives in Los Angeles, is of a fascinating lightness which the artist presents in many facets and outside the Rhonda band context, which is dominated by soul music. The songs testify to the freedom to find what has always been there: her very own voice, her very own vision. The self-titled EP therefore doesn't sound like classical soul, even though there is a lot of soul in it.

The often doubled vocals are framed by choirs with a lot of reverb and give the music a psychedelic note, in which the longing for the desert resonates. The result is a perfectly imperfect record in which previous musical experiences, California, the dirt of the big city and the attraction of the new are reflected. The songs mark snapshots in time and yet are timeless. They radiate bittersweet longing and the feeling of bygone days; little treasure chests, as if found by chance and ready to be opened.

Released October 16th, 2020 via popup-records