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OUT: 'The Brain Of Flex Busterman' by Patric Catani

Patric Catani finally presents his follow up/ sequel album of his 90s video game soundtrack album 'The Horrible Plans Of Flex Busterman'. Again, it is produced on the old Amiga Homecomputer, but with a newer tracker music program called "AHX Tracker" which doesn't work with samples, but only chiptune style self created sounds, which gives the whole thing a pretty different flavor.

The Brain of Flex Busterman turned out more fierce, more psychedelic and much more wild than its predecessor. Since years, Catani always come back to some Amiga and Tracker work and surprisingly there is still new hardware, software and methods to surprise yourself with the oldschool 8Bit sound.

The Brain Of Flex Busterman is out since November 6th, 2020 via Storage Records.

Enjoy the journey through The Brain Of Flex Busterman!