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OUT: First single 'Body On Mine' of upcoming EP

'Body on Mine' is Reece Lemonius' first installment of his new EP, coming this fall.
After taking time to craft his sound, Reece aims for soulful and driving dance vibes all across
styles - with great effect.

'Body On Mine' induces an instant good-mood with driving rhythms, involved in a
contemporary production, highlighted by his polished-yet-sensuous vocals.
Reece’s very first coop with Mike Perry on 'Talk About It' gained a stunning 75 million
streams on Spotify. Followed by his debut single 'Love Me' that gained over 50 million views
across several platforms and counting.

Reece Lemonius released his retro synth / dream pop EP 'Midnight' in early 2020 and
started building up his catalog ever since, cooperating with different artists like Max Lean
and Berlin based producer Sosa.