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OUT: Kanye West's 'Pure Souls' co-written by Shuko, Tim Friedrich and Bastian Völkel

The biggest congratulations to Shuko, Tim Friedrich and Bastian Völkel on being part of the new album 'Donda' by Kanye West!

All three co-wrote the song 'Pure Souls', track 21 of 27 on the album.

'Pure Souls' is not just one of the strongest songs on 'Donda' according to us, but also a Billboard critic. They have ranked the 27 tracks, pushing 'Pure Souls' to no. 3 saying: "Another track, another five-star collaboration. [...] 'Pure Souls' features some quality writing from Yeezy as he spars with friendly enemy Drake by weaving 'Mob Ties' and 'God's Plan' into his rhymes, which is sure to grab the 6 God's attention heading into CLB."

Releasing the album on Sunday the 29th of August 2021, 'Donda' became the second-most streamed album within 24 hours on Spotify. On this day, the album was streamed nearly 100 Million times.

'Donda' also hit no. 1 on the album charts in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Italy, France and many more. In Germany, 'Donda' went straight to no. 4 on the album and no. 1 on the Hip Hop charts.