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New Signing: Lasse Matthiessen and new single 'Dancing With Air'

Welcome to the Freibank family, Lasse.

Melancholy by trade and a songwriter of the non-conformist kind: Lasse Matthiessen leads us into the dark corners of the soul, stirs up the memories we too often repress and shows us what they’re worth. After all, pain is part of the deal if insights are to indicate a way forward and also be an inspiration.

The Dane, who took his first musical steps with the Copenhagen Boys' Choir, seems to draw on his personal experience. With success. Songs like 'When We Collided' or the deeply touching 'Tonight We Drink To Die' belong to that kind of musical poetry that almost effortlessly gets straight to the heart of things. On albums like 'Stray Dog' (2007) and 'Dead Man Waltz' (2012) Lasse Matthiessen already described that this is exactly where he feels at home.

His new EP 'Coordinates Remain' also follows this tack, but shows an enormous development both vocally and instrumentally, which naturally contributes to the intensity of the pieces.

The first single 'Dancing With Air' is out today.

Stay tuned for his new EP later this year!