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OUT: Spoon and the Forkestra release their debut EP 'The Fondest Flinch'

Today, the 7th of January 2022, Spoon and the Forkestra released their best record yet - their first.

'The Fondest Flinch' is a home to five expressive and dynamic indie rock tracks and some good old Forkestra weirdness. The attitude of punk meets folky elements, the enchanted voice of singer and lyricist Emily-Mae Lewis conveys stories that resonate for a long time. The EP feels like a musical storybook. It is queer, dreamy, angry, cozy, dark and funny and it's the perfect soundtrack to Spoon and the Forkestra's coming-of-age story.

In order to make the Forkestra sound like an orchestra, Emily-Mae Lewis and Timo Zell invited some of the most accomplished and talented musician-friends into their Berlin studio to play alongside them; Only to get them to just be loud and silly and to play their instruments with the playfulness of a three-year-old child. From the resulting chaos, Spoon and the Forkestra, along with producer Berend Intelmann, file the extensive and fun soundscape for 'The Fondest Flinch'.

Over the past year, the band has released three pre-singles. 'Pirates', 'Mary Lou' and 'Blink Twice' hit a nerve with the combination of their ruthless honesty and playfulness. The response from press and radio stations far exceeded the band's expectations. The feedback and gratitude that Spoon and the Forkestra received, especially for their last pre-single 'Blink Twice' is overwhelming. While Mental Health is a recurring theme throughout the EP, this song deals with the very personal issue of dissociation.

For the EP release, Spoon and the Forkestra are taking their time - an indie film soundtrack also needs an indie film. Thus, the duo produces music videos for all pre-released singles, which they direct and have everything in their own hands from planning to editing. More music videos are also coming for the songs released with the EP to make the coming-of-age story of 'The Fondest Flinch' visually complete.