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OUT: New Album 'Forgotten Shades Of Life' by Shiraz Lane

An exceptionally upbeat bunch of young men led by the instantly recognizable voice of Hannes Kett, Helsinki’s Shiraz Lane draws their influences from the greats of the heydays of melodic rock.

With all the sleaze, sneers, and headbanging, Shiraz Lane resurrected that debauched Los Angeles sound while also paying homage to darker ’90s influences like Alice in Chains. The group was formed in 2011 in Vantaa by vocalist Hannes Kett and drummer Ana Vilkkumaa, later adding guitarists Miki Kalske and Jani Laine, as well as bassist Joel Alex. Their blazing riffs and soaring vocals immediately bring to mind classic rock bands of the ’80s, like Skid Row and Guns ‘N Roses. The band released their first two albums For Crying Out Loud (2016) and Carnival Days (2018) via the Italian hard rock label Frontiers Records.

In 2020 they signed a deal with Ranka Kustannus and are now proud to present their third studio album Forgotten Shades of Life to the crowds. The album introduces Shiraz Lane’s versatile approach to music from head-banging hard-rock riffing to power ballads and classic rock’n’roll groove.

The band has been touring this spring with the Swedish Crashdiet and will go for an extensive Back to Life -tour in Finland next fall to celebrate the release of the album. On June 20th they have the honor of warming up the stage to KISS on their End of the World -tour in Helsinki.