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OUT: Single 'Into The Silence' by Trentemøller Ft. DíSA

'Into The Silence' is the new single of Trentemøller and also the first cooperation with DíSA (Disa Jakobs), the singer of the all new Trentemøller band on the Memoria tour. Her vocals are perfectly woven into the song, sometimes floating above and sometimes shining through from the engine room.

"During our recent tour," says Trentemøller, "Disa and I spoke about doing a song together. It felt quite obvious as we really developed a common language when we played so many concerts together already. After finishing our first leg of the tour, I immediately went to the studio and wrote the music for this song. It really came to me easily as I felt quite inspired. Disa then wrote this beautiful and bittersweet text that compliments the music so well I think. And her unique voice just melts into the music in a very natural way." Trentemøller will play a handful of shows in Europe before the entourage takes off to North America in September.

16. September 2022 USA Seattle   
17. September 2022 Canada Vancouver    
18. September 2022 USA Portland
19. September 2022 USA San Francisco
21. September 2022 USA Los Angeles
22. September 2022 USA Solana Beach
23. September 2022 Mexico Mexico City 
24. September 2022 USA Miami
25. September 2022 USA Denver
27. September 2022 USA Chicago
29. September 2022 Canada Toronto
01. October 2022 Canada Montreal
04. October 2022 USA Boston   
06. October 2022 USA New York