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OUT: Single 'Rainbow' by Mad Romeo

The new single 'Rainbow' of Mad Romeo combines the strengths of the two lifelong friends that are now the band’s last original members, Nikko Weidemann and Bymski. Weidemann’s sharp, sophisticated pop sensibility shines in the way he expertly balances a sharp staccato melody in the verses with a chorus hook that is both instantly memorable but avoids cliché. One listen to the single’s B-side shows just how much Bymski’s decades-long production experience can transform a piece of music. Where the B-side is a funky pop jam, the new version is a focused study in Bymski’s ability to enhance a track with elements from the electronic music tradition. The result is one that can only come from a trust that was cultivated over a lifetime of music-making together – a hybrid pop song that remains timeless no matter how the duo decide to present it.