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Out: Single 'Time' by Kastrierte Philosophen

In 1981, Ronald Reagan, a movie cowboy, became president of the United States of America, the Space Shuttle Columbia lifted off from Cape Canaveral for the first time, and MTV went on the air with "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles.

40 years later, Katrin Achinger and Matthias Arfmann have combed through the complete works of their band Kastrierte Philosophen. The result is not only the extensive work show "Jahre", which will be released on 27.01.2023 as a double vinyl and CD, but also the complete back catalog will be successively digitally re-released - and there are even two new songs. A crazy journey through time, which tells more about the present than about the past.

So there are great things to come: The Hamburg group Kastrierte Philosophen had released a total of eleven albums during their active time. On these albums you can find Im-weitesten-Sinne-Indie music announcing boundless curiosity and openness, which combines Velvet-Underground-Coolness, Shoegazer, Spoken-Word, Rave, Electro, Minimal-Pop, Chanson, Reggae, New Wave, Dub, Geniale Dilettanten, German and English (Spanish and French) lyrics.

After that, Achinger and Arfmann spent a whole year dealing with their musical past, which in this way became their present again. From this enthusiasm arose automatically the desire to add something to the work.

Even if both walked for years on solo paths, their paths crossed again and again and this time a new piece of music 'Time' was created, which can be heard from 02.09.2022 on.

The accompanying Best Of "Years" will be released on 27.01.2023. The video for "Time" is also a real piece of contemporary history - cut from the film "Tangier Nonstop" from 1996.