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OUT: James BKS releases debut producer album 'Wolves of Africa'

The French-Cameroonian artist and producer James BKS has released his long awaited debut album 'Wolves of Africa‘ on the 8th of July 2022.

'Wolves of Africa' is the result of a long, personal and artistic journey and the proof, that it takes a lifetime to find your own musical path. It pays tribute to his late father Manu Dibango – a well known artist and saxophonist from Cameroon, who was influenced by the Douala culture, Bulu and even Bikutsi rhythms. For ‚Wolves of Africa', James BKS connects both his past in Hip Hop and his African culture.

James BKS belongs to a new breed of wolves: One that has been roaming the European pastures for thousands of years and carries ancient myths. He arises from the kind of wolve that has settled in Africa, called the Golden Wolf (African Wolf), and also embodies a new breed - that of a new and travelling generation. The producer has created his album between France, the USA and the continent of his roots - Africa. He has worked with various artists such as Will.I.Am, Q-Tip, Little Simz and actor Idris Elba, who are all featured on 'Wolves of Africa' and belong to this new breed of wolves.

The video of the new single 'Jungle Go Dumb' featuring Will.I.Am will be released on the 28th of July.