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Richard Ojijo - RO_MO_20

Richard Ojijo’s music for the films of german video artist Marcel Odenbach not only underscores and accentuates the imagery and motion, but also serves to propel the narrative too. The compositions are auditory distillations of the visual and create a synergy between music and image that draws the observer ever deeper.

With Odenbach’s and Ojijo’s collaboration now entering its 3rd decade, Ojijo was recently inspired to revisit and remix some of the themes contained within the extensive body of work.

As a studio and recording engineer, his clients have included the likes of Cody ChesnuTT,Selah Sue, Samy Deluxe and Patrice. He has been teaching the ‘Sound & Effects’ module at the Institute for Pop Music at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Bochum since 2015, where he provides insights into new soundscapes.

RO_MO_20 was released via Magazine/KOMPAKT on 26th of November